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The ap­palling ab­duc­tion of 5 year old Shek­inah Re­lies-Skip­per as she walked to school beg­gers be­lief.

That some­one had the urge and gall to pluck the child out from un­der the care of her older sis­ters in broad day­light de­fies san­ity.

The idea that this per­son had cased the area around Takaro Park prior to last week’s kid­nap­ping is es­pe­cially chill­ing, sug­gest­ing a de­gree of pre­med­i­ta­tion.

No won­der par­ents drive their kids to school, deny­ing them the ex­er­cise and free­dom that walk­ing or bik­ing brings. Who can blame them.

This one ran­dom reck­less mind-numb­ing in­ci­dent will have far-reach­ing im­pacts on the choices par­ents make for their chil­dren. Na­tion­ally.

The pos­i­tive, and we must look for that be­yond the for­tu­nate out­come, is how the com­mu­nity re­sponded to the cri­sis.

‘One’ of us may have some­how un­fairly tainted the rest of us, but the rest of us re­cip­ro­cated with vig­i­lance, con­cern and car­ing.

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