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Name: Keith White From: Feild­ing Flag: Cur­rent

Why are you sup­port­ing this flag?

I still like to see the old flag fly­ing be­cause the flag in­di­cates things to do with the past. I like the past to be re­mem­bered. We’ve got pretty short mem­o­ries about some things I think.

How is the flag im­por­tant to you?

I sup­pose re­mem­ber­ing the past, I think it’s im­por­tant to us be­cause we’ve got to re­mem­ber our her­itage and that’s the ba­sis of the whole thing I reckon.

Are you fly­ing the flag? If so where?

I just de­cided to fly it [at home]. I don’t think its right to be fly­ing the al­ter­na­tive op­tion al­ready. I put the pole up for my grand­son re­ally, but I’ve al­ways liked to see [the cur­rent flag] fly­ing.

What has been the re­sponse?

Ev­ery­one com­ments about it, I’m sure they like it. I get the im­pres­sion that they reckon ‘good on ya’”. I’ve had no neg­a­tiv­ity about it. There’s a street around the road, it’s only a small one but it’s got two [of the cur­rent] flags fly­ing.

Name: Bruce War­wick From: Palmer­ston North Flag: Sil­ver Fern

Why are you sup­port­ing this flag?

I don’t dis­like the cur­rent flag, but I’m for a change, and this is the best one on of­fer. If there is real sup­port for a new flag, this is the one, with the sil­ver fern and the stars, that should be used. Of all the de­signs that were sub­mit­ted, this is the one that should rep­re­sent New Zealand. It’s a new look for [our coun­try]. I voted for it [in the first ref­er­en­dum]. The cur­rent flag, rep­re­sent­ing the Bri­tish monar­chy is, in my opin­ion, a lit­tle dated. The de­ci­sion has been made, the money’s been spent, and we now have a choice be­tween the present flag and a new one, and I am look­ing for­ward to see­ing the new flag be­ing flown.

How is the flag im­por­tant to you?

A new flag is as im­por­tant as the cur­rent flag. It’s im­por­tant be­cause it iden­ti­fies us and rep­re­sents us to the world.

Are you fly­ing a flag?

No, I don’t have one … or a flag pole. I know it’s on the Auck­land Har­bour Bridge, but I haven’t seen it.

Would you wear a lapel badge of your pre­ferred choice – like the PM does?

I think that’s a bit naughty of the Prime Min­is­ter… I haven’t seen where you can buy badges. I’d wear one if it was cho­sen as our new flag.

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