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1. Cape Agul­has is the south­ern­most point of which con­ti­nent?

2. In Bambi, what type of an­i­mal is Flower?

3. What is the only vowel not on the top row of a key­board?

4. Which two US states do not have a bor­der with any other state?

5. In gym­nas­tics, what is a back­ward hand­spring called?

6. Was Rod Ste­wart born in Lon­don, Glas­gow or Ed­in­burgh?

7. Which car­toon strip char­ac­ter was cre­ated by Scott Adams?

8. The three Matrix films fea­ture which ac­tor in the role of Mor­pheus?

9. Which is higher – Mount Cook or Mount Kil­i­man­jaro?

10. In which part of the body is the lacry­mal bone?

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