An­nual Plan 2016/17

( Year 2 of the 10 Year Plan 2015-25)

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We want to know what you think – have we got the bal­ance right be­tween the lev­els of ser­vice Coun­cil plans to pro­vide, the rates we’re plan­ning to charge you and the pro­posed Coun­cil debt?

The An­nual Plan is based on year 2 of our 10 Year Plan. When we talked with peo­ple last year most said that our over­all di­rec­tion was right so we plan on stick­ing to it. We are propos­ing a few changes to put more em­pha­sis on im­prov­ing the way we con­sult and com­mu­ni­cate, mak­ing Palmer­ston North a more ex­cit­ing place to live and visit by hav­ing more events, and mak­ing it eas­ier to move around the City. We can pro­vide all of our cur­rent ser­vices, in­crease our re­newals for water and waste­water to re­duce the risk of ser­vices break­ing down and do ex­tra projects to im­prove the City for an in­crease in to­tal rates of 3.8% next year. At the end of next year our debt is pro­jected to be $122m, $16m less than the 10 Year Plan as­sumed.

We think this is a good bal­ance. Do you? Have a look at our Con­sul­ta­tion Doc­u­ment and tell us.

It is very im­por­tant to note that the 3.8% is the in­crease in the to­tal rates re­quired. It is not the pro­jected rate in­crease for in­di­vid­ual prop­er­ties. The im­pact on each prop­erty will be dif­fer­ent. This is be­cause ev­ery prop­erty in the City was reval­ued last year by in­de­pen­dent valuers. These new land val­ues will be used to cal­cu­late the rates. Some parts of the City (such as parts of Kelvin Grove, Ash­hurst and Aokautere) had sig­nif­i­cant in­creases. Land val­ues for most ru­ral ar­eas did not change. Some com­mer­cial prop­er­ties dropped in value. Prop­er­ties with big­ger than average in­creases in land value will have big­ger than average in­creases in rates. This map shows where the most sig­nif­i­cant changes in land value have oc­curred. If you visit our web­site -­er­ty­search - you can see the im­pact on your prop­erty in par­tic­u­lar. Note the ac­tual rates will vary from this de­pend­ing on the fi­nal An­nual Plan and any changes to your prop­erty be­fore 30 June.

Map is in­dica­tive only - ac­cu­rate val­u­a­tions can be viewed on the Coun­cil’s web­site.

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