Give your clothes a per­fect fit at Sue’s Re­pairs and Al­ter­ations


Now that Easter has passed it’s time to pre­pare our win­ter wardrobe. Re­mem­ber that ski jacket that had the tricky zip­per or that small tear in your puffer jacket not to men­tion those new pants that were start­ing to feel a lit­tle tight? Well if your favourite clothes are in need of a small re­pair or a lit­tle widen­ing at the seams then it’s time you called in to Sue’s Re­pairs and Al­ter­ations in Ter­race End.

The team at Sue’s Re­pairs can fix and al­ter vir­tu­ally any piece of cloth­ing, says man­ager Emma Stout.

‘‘At this time of the year we do get a large num­ber of jack­ets with zip­per prob­lems and gen­er­ally it’s only the slider so the re­pair is rel­a­tively sim­ple. Re­plac­ing the en­tire zip can be more costly but there’s noth­ing more an­noy­ing than a per­fectly good warm jacket with a bro­ken zip.’’

Tears in puffer jack­ets are a lit­tle trick­ier and Emma says they can ac­tu­ally use the ma­te­rial from the jacket’s carry bag to cre­ate a patch, which is then dis­cretely sewn into place.

Dur­ing the school hol­i­days Emma says they get asked to re­pair or al­ter quite few uni­forms in prepa­ra­tion for the win­ter term.

‘‘The most fre­quent re­quest is to lengthen dresses as their daugh­ter has grown a few inches from last year. With most dresses this is just a mat­ter of ad­just­ing the waist band and low­er­ing the hem. If they have grown quite a bit we can add a false hem and we can also do this for boy’s trousers.

‘‘But please don’t leave it to the last day of the hol­i­days!’’

An­other re­quest from cus­tomers at this time of year is to al­ter vin­tage coats.

‘‘Many are lovely coats made from good qual­ity fab­rics that are hard to find nowa­days. They of­ten just need a bit of mod­ernising by tak­ing out the shoul­der pads and re­duc­ing the shoul­ders and maybe tight­en­ing the back seams to add a bit more shape.’’

Ball sea­son is not far away and girls will be look­ing on­line for that per­fect gown. Sue’s Re­pairs and Al­ter­ations are of­ten asked to carry out ma­jor al­ter­ations to ball gowns.

‘‘These days many gowns are be­ing pur­chased on­line, ei­ther new or pre-loved and, while this can be a cheaper op­tion, some­times the gowns bought on­line don’t quite fit as well as they should,’’ Emma says.

‘‘Gen­er­ally it’s just a mat­ter of ad­just­ing the seams and hems to get that per­fect fit.

‘‘How­ever if a gown is too fit­ting we can take out the zip­per and re­place it with an at­trac­tive lace-up back.

‘‘We can also add pan­els that will ei­ther match the ex­ist­ing dress or pro­vide a vi­brant con­trast.’’

So if you have a favourite item of cloth­ing that is in need of some ten­der lov­ing care or re­quires some ma­jor re­mod­elling, bring it into Sue’s Re­pairs and Al­ter­ations in Ter­race End for guar­an­teed qual­ity re­sults, or for ap­point­ments give the friendly team a call on (06) 357 7333.

The friendly and pro­fes­sional team at Sue’s Re­pairs and Al­ter­ations are Gina, Gaye and Emma.

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