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I re­mem­ber the first time I flew an air­craft solo. What a buzz! I had spent many hours get­ting ready to com­plete it, but the closer I got to it, the more afraid I be­came. I found I be­came more and more de­pen­dent on the flight in­struc­tor, but the silly thing about it was he didn’t do any­thing for the last 4 or 5 flights. He just sat there.

It was kind of like ob­serv­ing my­self the next day as I walked into the aero­drome. I saw my­self fill­ing in the flight plan, I watched my­self be briefed by the flight in­struc­tor, and there I was per­form­ing the pre-flight checks on the air­craft. I was still a lit­tle ‘out-of-body’ as the in­struc­tor and I lined up on the run­way ready for our first circuit of the day. I watched my­self go through all the checks, then re­al­ized I would have to ‘come to’ to pre­vent mak­ing mis­takes. The but­ter­flies were in full swing as I landed and tax­ied just off the run­way to let the in­struc­tor out so I could per­form my first solo.

I don’t mind ad­mit­ting I was sweat­ing like a pig as I con­tacted the tower for per­mis­sion to take off. I’m not sure I even fully heard the re­sponse prop­erly, but there I was at the be­gin­ning of the run­way fully in con­trol of the air­craft and ALONE. I flew the circuit with no in­ci­dent, dur­ing which a wind shift made the land­ing a bit trick­ier be­cause it meant I had to land in a cross­wind, a more dif­fi­cult pro­ce­dure. When I came to a full stop the enor­mity of what I had just done hit me and I shook all over, but I was elated.

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