Let there be light at the Arena


There will be no more rugby train­ings in the gloom at the Arena, with the erec­tion of new flood­lights.

The old lights on fields two and three have been re­placed by new LED lights, and Cen­tral En­ergy Trust Arena man­ager John Lynch promised them to be a big im­prove­ment.

‘‘The real dif­fer­ence is it’s a change from the old tech­nol­ogy; the old flood­lights, they were quite yel­lowy to a de­gree when you look at them,’’ he said. ‘‘The new ones, they’re all LED.

‘‘They’re a lot cheaper to run and bulb life is some­thing ridicu­lous like 50,000 hours, but it’s a re­ally white light.’’

They have erected 15 steel poles to re­place the old con­crete ones and there are now 40 LED flood­lights on each field, which will be a big im­prove­ment from the murky light of old. ‘‘It’s an amaz­ing dif­fer­ence to be quite hon­est. I’ve been away for quite a bit of time and I got back three months ago or so and see­ing the old lights com­pared to what they new lights are, they’re 10 times bet­ter.’’

Each pole has four lights on it, ex­cept the poles in be­tween the two fields, which have four fac­ing each way.

Some of the old con­crete posts have been reused light­ing other places and some are yet to be used.

The lights have been in use re­cently, but were of­fi­cially un­veiled on May 4.

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