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A new study link­ing cell phone ra­di­a­tion to can­cers in rats has a lot of peo­ple won­der­ing, ‘‘Do I need to start pro­tect­ing my­self from my own phone?’’.

While the study has some of the most com­pre­hen­sive ev­i­dence about the im­pact of this ra­di­a­tion to date, it wasn’t com­pletely ground­break­ing. The World Health Or­gan­i­sa­tion said cell phones might cause can­cer back in 2011.

The study is copy­right but avail­able here: http://biorxiv.org/con­tent/early/2016/05/26/055699

For those who have con­cerns for them­selves, and for chil­dren who are likely to be much more sus­cep­ti­ble to the elec­tro­mag­netic fields (EMF) em­u­lat­ing from cell phones, tablets, por­ta­ble phones, cell phone tow­ers, smart me­ters, WiFi ar­eas and high volt­age power grids, makes this a for­tu­itous warn­ing. EMF fields gen­er­ated from the above in­ter­fere with our own nat­u­ral body elec­tric­ity).

Some peo­ple are sen­si­tive to ex­ter­nal EMF and have phys­i­cal symp­toms when they come in con­tact with ra­di­a­tion from sources such as cell phones and smart me­ters. Oth­ers like my­self ap­pear not to be af­fected, but longer term ex­po­sure as shown in this study, may also cause us harm.

Wally Richards Palmer­ston North

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