23 years of ser­vice


In the 23 years Mar­cus Wat­son has been sell­ing real es­tate he has seen many dif­fer­ent mar­kets, from the highs to the lows.

There was lit­tle doubt that Mar­cus would fol­low in his fa­ther Ken’s foot­steps into the real es­tate in­dus­try so he gained de­grees in val­u­a­tion and property man­age­ment at Massey Univer­sity. Once he had grad­u­ated Mar­cus be­gan work­ing in 1993 at Wat­son Wil­son, the com­pany Ken founded in part­ner­ship with San­dra Wil­son. When Ken sold his share of the part­ner­ship and left for Nel­son Mar­cus con­tin­ued work­ing for the com­pany. Seven months later when Ken re­turned to Palmer­ston North to set up his own real es­tate com­pany, Mar­cus was only too will­ing to join him.

In 2002 Mar­cus and his wife Rachel left for Lon­don on their OE. Mar­cus gained a job with a real es­tate com­pany called Haart, based in South­fields – just along the road from the Wim­ble­don Tennis com­plex. It was quite a learn­ing curve for Mar­cus.

"It was a crazy sys­tem for sell­ing real es­tate in Eng­land, it was so strange," Mar­cus re­calls.

"In New Zealand a property can some­times go un­con­di­tional pretty well straight away but in Eng­land that can take six to eight weeks or longer, and buy­ers can pull out of the pur­chase at any stage, or can be ‘‘gazumped’’ with a higher of­fer from a dif­fer­ent buyer.

"Sell­ing houses in Lon­don was the same job as it is here; you are still showing houses to peo­ple, it’s just much more of a long-winded process."

The listing of houses was also dif­fer­ent where he worked as only the prin­ci­pal of the com­pany did the list­ings, the sales­peo­ple just did the sell­ing. They worked on a re­tainer and for their part in the ac­tual sale process re­ceived a small per­cent­age of the com­mis­sion.

"The re­tainer was only 1000 pounds a month so it wasn’t much to live on in ex­pen­sive Lon­don."

The houses them­selves were also quite dif­fer­ent with many of the prop­er­ties be­ing ter­raced hous­ing.

"The houses I sold dur­ing that time were some of the most ex­pen­sive I have ever sold. A one or two bed­room home would sell for around 125,000 pounds while a three or four bed­room home could fetch around 360,000 pounds, the ex­change rate was 3 to 1 back then’’.

Mar­cus and Rachel re­turned to New Zealand in 2003 and Mar­cus went back to work at Wat­son In­tegrity.

Mar­cus has en­joyed work­ing in the in­dus­try for the past 23 years.

"When I started I was 21. I had a good first year and re­ally en­joyed the job so ob­vi­ously I’ve stuck with it."

Mar­cus Wat­son

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