Time for sum­mer gar­den prepa­ra­tions


With Labour Week­end ap­proach­ing and longer sun­light hours there are sev­eral ar­eas to look at in prepa­ra­tion for sum­mer.

Gar­lic: Sprin­kle a side dress­ing of Bio Boost and/or wa­tered down liq­uid chicken ma­nure (1:10) to feed the bulbs. Sprays of Magic Botanic Liq­uid (MBL) will help pro­duce a big­ger crop of cloves. At any sign of rust; spray fo­liage with potas­sium per­man­ganate at

1⁄ tsp per litre of water with 1ml 4 Rain­gard added. For black aphids, spray with Wallys Su­per Neem Oil at 5ml per litre with 1 ml of Rain­gard added per litre.

Straw­ber­ries: Plants are mov­ing nicely now with good shows of flow­ers and berries start­ing to form. Side dress plants with Wallys Se­cret Straw­berry Food ev­ery 6 -8 weeks and spray the plants with My­cor­rcin at 5ml per litre of non-chlo­ri­nated water ev­ery two weeks. Aphids may at­tack the plants about now so use Su­per Neem Oil and Rain­gard. The straw­berry food will take care of root ne­ma­todes and mealy bugs es­pe­cially if plants are grow­ing in con­tain­ers.

Spring flow­er­ing bulbs: If still flow­er­ing or fin­ish­ing up, it is im­por­tant to leave the fo­liage on un­til it starts to die off in a cou­ple of months time. The fo­liage is gain­ing en­ergy from the sun to build up the bulb’s strength for flow­er­ing next spring, and to pro­duce bublets which are go­ing to be your free fu­ture plants.

Xmas lil­lies: Along with other lil­lium types, these should be in fo­liage now, and some will be pro­duc­ing flower buds. Side dress with liq­uid chicken ma­nure and add some Bio Boost on the soil.

Roses: Sprin­kle some Wallys Neem Tree Gran­ules, Rok Solid, sheep ma­nure pel­lets, blood & bone and Fruit and Flower Power in the root zone and lightly cover with pur­chased com­post. Once a month, spray with MBL, Perk­fec­tion and/or My­cor­rcin. For aphids, spray late in the day with Su­per Neem Oil, which is com­pat­i­ble with the above sprays. To counter black spot or rust, spray with potas­sium per­man­ganate and Rain­gard.

Stone fruit trees: For curly leaf on peaches and nec­tarines spray potas­sium per­man­ganate and Rain­gard ev­ery 7 to 10 days while the leaves are grow­ing. Af­ter about 6-8 weeks the prob­lem pe­riod should be over. On plum trees, leaf curl­ing is likely caused by in­sect pests. Spray late in the day with Su­per Neem Oil.

Ap­ple trees: Sprin­kle Neem Tree Gran­ules un­der the tree from trunk to drip line. Af­ter flow­er­ing place a pheromone or trea­cle trap in the tree and when male codlin moths are caught, spray the fruit with Su­per Neem Oil and Rain­gard (late in day). Re­peat ev­ery 10 to 14 days. Lawn Moss: Use Wallys Moss & Liver­wort Con­trol. Jet spray it into the moss. Slugs and snails don’t like cop­per, so spray plants and sur­round­ing soil with Wallys Liq­uid Cop­per and Rain­gard - it’s safer for pets and hedge­hogs than us­ing poi­son baits. Tui’s Quash is also safe and ef­fec­tive.

Any prob­lems email me at wal­lyjr@gar­de­news.co.nz.


Straw­ber­ries should be mak­ing progress, and the crop can can be helped along with ex­tra feed­ing.

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