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1. The Aramoana was New ferry. In which decade did it start sail­ing Cook Strait? 2. In Ro­man nu­mer­als, what is the sym­bol for 1000? 3. What pig­ment gives plants their green colour? 4. 1979 movie The Rose, star­ring Bette Mi­dler, was based on which singer’s life? 5. What type of footwear is a sabot? 6. lan­guage of Syria: Turk­ish, French or Ara­bic? 7. What is the name of the NZ women’s basketball team? 8. in 1947 it was 1.65m tall and weighed 340kg. It’s now al­most stan­dard in ev­ery kitchen. What is it? 9. Who owns the Sky­walker Ranch? 10. Mitre, dove­tail, jig and hack are all types of what?

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