BabyWil­liam first for 2017


Wil­liam Donoghue was quick to make his mark on 2017, he just had to wait a few days for the right name to stick.

Weigh­ing 9 pounds, or 4100 grams, Wil­liam was the first baby born at Palmer­ston North Hos­pi­tal in 2017.

He en­tered the world at 2.45am New Year’s Day, to be greeted by mum Lind­sey Grib­bon, dad Jarod Donoghue, and big sis­ter Grace, 2.

The fam­ily from Tai­hape knew they were hav­ing a boy but hadn’t set­tled on a name when Grib­bon went into labour at home around 11.30pm on New Year’s Eve, six days be­fore her ex­pected date.

Donoghue grabbed the bag they had in wait­ing and woke up Grace. There was no time to find a babysit­ter as the fam­ily raced over to Palmer­ston North.

In the ex­cite­ment there wasn’t much time to de­cide be­tween the fi­nal two name choices

It wasn’t un­til the hos­pi­tal dis­charge pa­pers were be­ing filled out on Tues­day that Grib­bon and Donoghue set­tled on ‘Wil­liam’.

Grib­bon said nurses had hinted Wil­liam was likely to be the first baby born at the hos­pi­tal for the year.

‘‘It’s quite cool [to be first], I wasn’t re­ally ex­pect­ing that. It’ll be a good story to tell him at his 21st.’’

The dis­tinc­tion of be­ing the first baby born in New Zealand this year went to a girl at Taranaki Base Hos­pi­tal, born at 12.01am.


Lind­sey Grib­bon, Jarod Donoghue and daugh­ter Grace, 2, with their new ad­di­tion Wil­liam, the first baby born in Manawatu for 2017.

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