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1. Scurvy is caused by the body’s lack of which vi­ta­min?

2. Which Pol­ish politi­cian and for­mer trade union­ist was awarded the No­bel Peace Prize in 1983?

3. What is a baby whale called?

4. Which is the only one of the 50 US states which be­gins with “L”?

5. What does a creel hold?

6. What item of fur­ni­ture is Ben­jamin Franklin cred­ited with in­vent­ing?

7. Who com­posed the mu­sic for West Side Story?

8. What is the of­fi­cial res­i­dence of the pres­i­dent of France?

9. Who wrote the novel The In­vis­i­ble Man?

10. Which prince was born on the Greek is­land of Corfu?

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