Flavour mat­ters at Cafe Royale

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You can taste the dif­fer­ence at Cafe Royale.

While many cafes and restau­rants claim they serve ap­petis­ing food, owner Robert Win­ter, knows his dishes have that es­sen­tial, added in­gre­di­ent called flavour.

It’s due to his com­mit­ment to buy­ing fresh, or­gan­i­cally grown, free-range food and cook­ing it on the premises.

‘‘We of­fer a big­ger flavour of food. It’s proper food that doesn’t sit on the shelf and is bet­ter for you than heav­ily pro­cessed yuck,’’ he says.

Robert rec­om­mends his eggs bene­dict as an ex­am­ple. All Cafe Royale’s in­gre­di­ents are home­made or sourced. They in­clude fresh, home­made sour­dough toast with free range ba­con, eggs and home­made hol­landaise. His eggs come from Lin­ton and the ba­con from Free­dom Farms.

Robert com­pares his de­lec­ta­ble dish with ma­chine made white or whole­meal bread, fac­tory farmed ba­con, cheap fac­tory cru­elty eggs and bought in hol­landaise.

‘‘That’s why you can taste the dif­fer­ence at Cafe Royale in Square Edge,’’ he says.

An­other ex­am­ple is Robert’s three egg omelette. The free range eggs are com­pli­mented with fresh herbs from his own gar­den plus free range ba­con or ham with lo­cally sourced feta, ched­dar, onion and mush­rooms.

Then there’s Robert’s ‘‘jewel in the crown,’’ his big break­fast. To his free range eggs, he adds his sour­dough toast, Free­dom Farm ba­con and sausages from non-caged, happy pigs and grilled toma­toes and mush­rooms from a lo­cal col­lec­tive.

‘‘Many of my cus­tomers tell me there’s so much more flavour in the dishes we pro­vide for them,’’ he says. ‘‘We wel­come peo­ple to come in and ex­pe­ri­ence the dif­fer­ence.’’

Cafe Royale is cur­rently mak­ing ap­pli­ca­tion to join Con­scious Con­sumer. It’s a New Zealand-based app that in­di­vid­u­als and the busi­ness com­mu­nity seek out to iden­tify with their own life­style.

Con­scious Con­sumer is a pur­chas­ing app which aligns with peo­ple’s val­ues in such cri­te­ria as fair trade, waste, ve­gan or plant based food and plas­tic free. It’s be­com­ing one of the fastest grow­ing tech com­pa­nies na­tion­ally.

To achieve their mem­ber­ship Cafe Royale must be ac­cred­ited in a num­ber of ar­eas and Robert is con­fi­dent his cafe ticks all the boxes. For ex­am­ple Cafe Royale is plas­tic free. Its straws and take­away con­tain­ers for cof­fee or soup are all com­postable.

Ac­cred­i­ta­tion has be­gun and, if and when Cafe Royale re­ceives ap­proval, it will be the first cafe in the Manawatu to be ac­knowl­edged in the app.

He points to the added recog­ni­tion Cafe Royale could re­ceive.

‘‘The spend from peo­ple be­long­ing to the app was $1.2 mil­lion last month,’’ he says. ‘‘It’s im­por­tant for us to walk the talk.’’

Robert Win­ters with two of his ‘benes from heaven.’

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