Fix com­ing for Ash­hurst road


Ash­hurst res­i­dents are glad the NZ Trans­port Agency is mak­ing a makeshift high­way qui­eter.

Sal­is­bury St has been one of the streets worst af­fected from an in­crease in heavy traf­fic since the Manawatu¯ Gorge closed in April.

More peo­ple have been head­ing over the Sad­dle Rd to get be­tween Manawatu¯ and Hawke’s Bay and this forced traf­fic into usu­ally quiet Ash­hurst.

The town has been promised a by­pass but it won’t be com­pleted un­til the mid­dle of next year.

Ash­hurst res­i­dent Ge­orge Robin­son said the rumble of trucks was tol­er­a­ble for the past four months, but still an­noy­ing.

Un­til now, the road had just been patched up af­ter the trucks con­tin­u­ously dam­aged it, he said.

The main­te­nance work would not only make the road more driv­able but it would hope­fully help min­imise the rumble of trucks, Robin­son said.

‘‘The noise was a bit like an earth­quake.’’

NZ Trans­port Agency spokesman Ross I’An­son said resur­fac­ing roads with as­phaltic con­crete would re­duce the noise and vi­bra­tions ex­pe­ri­enced by those liv­ing in Sal­is­bury St and sur­round­ing streets.

Prepa­ra­tion work started on Septem­ber 4 and work is ex­pected to fin­ish on Septem­ber 22.

De­signs for resur­fac­ing work in Mul­grave St were un­der way and work there was ex­pected to start once Sal­is­bury St had been resur­faced, I’An­son said.

The full cost of the road­works was not yet known.

Sal­is­bury St res­i­dent Roz Robin­son said noise was one con­cern but safety was more wor­ry­ing as mo­torists sped down the street, which backed on to a pri­mary school.

Bar­ri­ers that nar­rowed the street and speed cam­eras have al­ready been in­stalled as safety mea­sures.

Robin­son said the bar­ri­ers had slowed peo­ple down but mo­torists still man­aged to speed.

She lived on a back sec­tion but she still no­ticed the in­flux of heavy ve­hi­cles pass­ing by.

Hav­ing more speed bar­ri­ers and mak­ing the road qui­eter would ben­e­fit the com­mu­nity while a by­pass around Ash­hurst was be­ing built, Robin­son said.

I’An­son said con­struc­tion of the by­pass could be un­der way by Novem­ber and it was ex­pected to be com­plete in six months once con­struc­tion started.

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