Chicken breast with a nutty crust

A coat­ing of finely chopped wal­nuts adds a de­li­cious fin­ish­ing flour­ish to roasted chicken breast. Give it a try.



Ready in: 40 min­utes. Prep: 15 min­utes. Cook: 25 min­utes. Por­tions: 2.

Spice-roasted beet­root, car­rot and kale

❚ 1 beet­root, scrubbed and diced 1cm ❚ 1 car­rot, diced 1cm ❚ 11⁄ tea­spoons roast veg­etable

2 spice mix (see below) ❚ 1⁄ tea­spoon oil, for roast­ing (or

2 use spray oil) ❚ 1⁄ tea­spoon salt

4 ❚ 1⁄ head broc­coli, cut into small

2 flo­rets

❚ 2 hand­fuls baby kale leaves

Roast veg­etable spice mix ❚ 1⁄ tea­spoon whole cumin seeds

2 ❚ 1⁄ tea­spoon whole yel­low

2 mus­tard seeds

❚ 1⁄ tea­spoon whole fennel seeds

4 ❚ 1⁄ tea­spoon whole co­rian­der

4 seeds

Wal­nut-crusted chicken

❚ 300g skin­less, bone­less chicken breasts ❚ 1 tea­spoon Di­jon mus­tard ❚ 11⁄ ta­ble­spoons finely chopped 2 wal­nuts

To serve

❚ 75g plain hum­mus (store-bought) Pre­heat oven to 220 de­grees Cel­sius. Line two oven trays with bak­ing pa­per. Toss beet­root, car­rot and roast veg­etable spice mix with oil and salt on first pre­pared tray. Sea­son with pep­per and roast for about 20 min­utes, un­til ten­der. Turn once dur­ing cook­ing. With 10 min­utes’ cook time re­main­ing, toss through broc­coli and roast, un­til ten­der.

Pat chicken dry with pa­per tow­els and cut into steaks. To do this, place your hand flat on top of chicken breast and use a knife to slice through hor­i­zon­tally to make two thin steaks. Place on sec­ond pre­pared tray and sea­son with salt and pep­per. Brush lightly with mus­tard and evenly coat with wal­nuts.

Bake chicken (on oven rack below veg­eta­bles) for 6-8 min­utes (de­pend­ing on thick­ness), un­til chicken is cooked through. Re­move tray from oven and set chicken aside to rest for 2-3 min­utes.

When veg­eta­bles have fin­ished cook­ing, re­move tray from oven and toss through baby kale. Re­turn to oven to wilt for 1-2 min­utes. Slice chicken thickly, if de­sired.

To serve, di­vide spice-roasted beet­root, car­rot and kale be­tween plates. Top with wal­nut-crusted chicken and a dol­lop of hum­mus. Driz­zle over any rest­ing juices from chicken, if de­sired.

My Food Bag Fresh Start recipes are 450 calo­ries or less per serve, have lean pro­tein and loads of veg­eta­bles, and are lower in gluten and dairy.

Wal­nut-crusted chicken with spice roasted beet­root, car­rot & kale from My Food Bag’s Fresh Start menu.

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