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1. The Post­mas­ter-Gen­eral once banned what greet­ing by phone op­er­a­tors, say­ing it was not un­der­stood by a con­sid­er­able num­ber of peo­ple? 2. If cat­tle are bovine, what are sheep? 3. “Ra­dium came” is an ana­gram of which No­bel Prize-win­ning chemist? 4. Which Don Gib­son song has been recorded by more than 700 artists, in­clud­ing Ray Charles? 5. How many lengths are swum in the Olympic 400m? 6. Which New Zealand city has an air­port at Momona? 7. In which coun­try did the panama hat orig­i­nate? 8. Who wrote Catch-22? 9. Which New Zealand plant is the world’s tallest lily? 10. The Man­hat­tan Project in the early 1940s was de­vel­op­ing what?

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