Crim­i­nal in­tent

Are you a fan of TV crime se­ries? Put your de­tec­tive skills to the test to see if you can solve our crime quiz.

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1. In which US state is Fargo set? 2. What ill­ness does Wal­ter White suf­fer from? 3. In Prime Sus­pect, what was the name of He­len Mir­ren’s char­ac­ter? 4. Alec Hardy and El­lie Miller are char­ac­ters in which TV se­ries? 5. Which au­thor cre­ated Miss Marple? 6. Nar­cos cen­tred around which no­to­ri­ous crim­i­nal? 7. Name Michael C Hall’s char­ac­ter who is a foren­sics ex­pert and a se­rial killer.

8. What is the pro­fes­sion of The Good Wife’s lead char­ac­ter? 9. Laura Palmer was mur­dered in which small town? 10. What does NCIS stand for? 11. Who played Tony So­prano’s wife? 12. be­cameAlias In­ves­ti­ga­tions.a This private for­mer in­ves­ti­ga­tor­fe­male su­per­heroat 13. What was the name of Con­sta­ble Ge­orge Dixon’s po­lice sta­tion? 14. The show re­ferred to in Ques­tion 13 ran for: a) 72 episodes; b) 212 episodes; c) 432 episodes? 15. The Wire was set in which US city? 16. This isn’t hard. Which 1960s Bri­tish se­ries was spun off from Z-Cars? 17. Ap­pro­pri­ate Adult is the story of which se­rial killer?




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