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I watched only the first half of the Paula se­ries. From what I did see, the tor­men­tor in ques­tion was par­tic­u­larly vi­cious to­wards the women in his life. So what is it, I won­der, that makes Dis­gusted of Christchurch (TVG, Oct 21-27) able to block out all of that stuff, con­tinue watch­ing, and then find Paula’s ac­tions at the end so hor­ri­fy­ing that Dis­gusted wishes he/she hadn’t seen it? Do we, as a so­ci­ety, blindly ac­cept the atroc­i­ties that are done to women and yet be un­able to stom­ach “the un­speak­able hor­ror” of a vi­o­lent re­venge, in terms of its level of vi­o­lence and the length of time im­posed – whether or not Paula smiled about it and whether or not chil­dren might be watch­ing? J. Yeat­man (Darfield)

I so agree with Dis­gusted of Christchurch about that mini-se­ries

Paula (TVNZ 1 on Fri­days). I found it to be the most dis­gust­ing and sick pro­gramme that has ever been on TV. There were times I closed my eyes watch­ing it, but I wanted to see how it ended. And what an end­ing it was – more of a hor­ror se­ries. And it never should have been on at that time of the night ei­ther –

Corona­tion Street should be on first. I hope there won’t be any more se­ries like that. Linda (Christchurch)

Denise Gough as Paula

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