Talk­ing to the dead:

Theresa Ca­puto says she can com­mu­ni­cate with the dead. In the lead-up to the New Zealand screen­ing of her reality show, Long Is­land Medium, she talks about her gift and re­veals how she feels about scep­tics. Sarah Nealon re­ports.

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TV medium talks about her spe­cial ‘gift’.

From the age of four, New Yorker Theresa Ca­puto knew there was some­thing strange about what she could sense.

The 50-some­thing star of her own reality show, Long Is­land

Medium, talks to dead peo­ple and from a young age be­gan see­ing and hear­ing things other peo­ple didn’t.

“I al­ways re­mem­ber see­ing a woman stand­ing at the end of my bed,” she says. “And I didn’t find this out un­til later when I was in my 20s that it was my great-grand­mother who had died two years be­fore I was born.” Then there were other in­stances. “I re­mem­ber vividly grow­ing up in a house when I was four and telling the babysit­ter, ‘Did you just see that woman walk in front of the TV?’ ‘Did you just hear that man call my name?’ ”

Through her child­hood and teens,

Ca­puto, who once wanted to be­come a Dal­las Cow­girls cheer­leader, strug­gled with her ‘gift’.

“I come from a very spir­i­tual fam­ily and a strong faith-based fam­ily,” says Ca­puto, who de­scribes her­self as a medium.

“I am a prac­tis­ing Catholic and my fam­ily has al­ways been open to that very spir­i­tual thing. It was al­ways easy to ex­press my gift and ex­press what it is that I was sens­ing and feel­ing.

“When I was re­ally young we didn’t un­der­stand ex­actly what it was. For me, where it be­came dif­fi­cult is when I felt re­stricted in telling my friends be­cause they re­ally didn’t un­der­stand.”

Ini­tially, Ca­puto never con­sid­ered mak­ing a liv­ing as a medium but changed her mind as she got older.

“I was in my 20s when I learned to un­der­stand what was hap­pen­ing

“Peo­ple will have some­thing neg­a­tive to say about any­thing in life.” – Theresa Ca­puto

with me,” she says. “I strug­gled with in­cor­po­rat­ing my gift with my faith.

“(But) once I did that, my ques­tion to God was, ‘This is great. You’ve left me with this amaz­ing gift but who’s go­ing to want to come and see a medium?’ I couldn’t un­der­stand that.”

It turns out plenty of peo­ple wanted Ca­puto’s ser­vices.

She now tours the United States per­form­ing in shows and do­ing read­ings for clients.

In the US, Long Is­land Medium has been on air since 2011 and now New Zealand viewers will get to see her show with TLC screen­ing the first two sea­sons.

Ca­puto, who is mar­ried with two grown-up chil­dren, has ap­peared on TV shows such as and Dr Oz. She has also writ­ten sev­eral books about her gift in­clud­ing You Can’t Make This Stuff Up. On her web­site, Ca­puto sports big hair, fake nails and what looks like a fake tan. Tat­toos adorn her an­kles and mer­chan­dise for sale in­cludes T-shirts with slo­gans like, ‘The higher the hair, the closer to God’. De­spite her ob­vi­ous suc­cess, Ca­puto has her de­trac­tors but this is some­thing she has learned to deal with. “It comes with the ter­ri­tory,” she says. “Peo­ple will have some­thing neg­a­tive to say about any­thing in life. It’s an opin­ion. Ev­ery­one is en­ti­tled to an opin­ion and I re­spect that. “Lis­ten, I’m the first one to say that what I do is ab­so­lutely crazy. How can some­one com­mu­ni­cate with some­one that is dead?”

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