It’s hard to say good­bye:

There’s some­thing about be­ing bad that view­ers seem to love – at least when it comes to TV and film. But how well do you know your screen vil­lains? Test your­self.

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Gear­ing up for the end of a hit com­edy se­ries.

1. Who said, “I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chi­anti”?

2. Which caped vil­lain was played by David Prowse, and voiced by James Earl Jones?

3. This Harry Pot­ter char­ac­ter’s name means ‘flight of death’ in French.

4. In Short­land Street, who had the on­line name ‘Sexy Eyes’?

5. Who is Sher­lock Holmes’ arch en­emy?

6. Gol­lum, played by Andy Serkis, is one of Lord Of The Rings’ most re­pul­sive char­ac­ters. But what was his orig­i­nal name?

7. Which Hitch­cock se­rial killer loved his mother and ran a mo­tel?

8. The Wicked Witch Of The West ap­peared in which clas­sic movie?

9. Who played ‘bunny boiler’ Alex For­rest in Fa­tal At­trac­tion?

10. Nurse Ratched was a bad­die in which 1975 Os­car win­ner?

11. In which film does the main char­ac­ter wear long johns and a bowler hat?

12. The fishy ‘Bruce’ ter­ri­fied us in which film?

13. Robert Mitchum and Robert De Niro have both played a venge­ful ex con in which film?

14. One, two who’s com­ing for you in this hor­ror film?

15. Heath Ledger and Jack Ni­chol­son have played which Bat­man bad­die?

16. Gordon Gekko was greedy in which 1987 film?

17. Which Bri­tish ac­tor gave den­tists a bad name in Marathon Man?

18. Mr Pot­ter wasn’t so won­der­ful in this 1946 movie.

19. Biff Tan­nen is a brutish char­ac­ter in which tril­ogy?

20. The me­glo­ma­niac Gen­eral Zod (played by Ter­ence Stamp) ruled which planet?

21. This all-time screen vil­lain is sim­ply billed as ‘Man’ in which clas­sic Dis­ney film? 22. Who, we may ask, plays Kil­grave in TV se­ries Jessica Jones?

23. Who led Richard Kim­ble on a quest to clear his name?

24. Black Jack Ran­dall is a nasty piece of work in which his­tor­i­cal drama?

25. Cy­lons are the en­emy in which highly rated sci­ence fic­tion TV se­ries?

26. If Num­ber Six was the hero, which num­ber was his op­po­site in the mind-twist­ing 1960s Bri­tish TV se­ries The Pris­oner?

27. Dal­las’ JR Ewing is one of the small screen’s top vil­lains. But who shot him?

28. The ruth­less hit­man

in No Coun­try For Old Men was played by which ac­tor?

29. Who played the psy­chotic for­mer child star in What­ever Hap­pened To Baby Jane?

30. Marlon Brando played which mil­i­tary mad­man in the 1979 movie Apoca­lypse Now?

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