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I’m think­ing of chang­ing the name of my springer spaniel Ruby to Roubini, after that mas­ter il­lu­sion­ist Hou­dini. No, she didn’t dis­ap­pear, al­though she does ev­ery time our neigh­bour fires up the bar­be­cue. Rather, she made some­thing dis­ap­pear – a golf ball! My hus­band was prac­tis­ing on the lawn, chip­ping three balls around, when Ruby raced out of the house and tried to fit all three in her mouth. By the time we got to her, there were just two on the ground. The third had van­ished, with Ruby’s stom­ach be­ing the ob­vi­ous hid­ing place. Next day, after a wor­ry­ing night (never Google what to do when your dog swal­lows a golf ball), it was off to the vet. Five X-rays later, the only stuff in her stom­ach was what should be there – not even one of those miss­ing socks. We’ll prob­a­bly never know what hap­pened to the ball, but I haven’t given up hope. After all, last week I found a run­ning shoe that went miss­ing four years ago.

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