Aisle be see­ing you


When Short­land Street nurse Dawn Robin­son (Re­bekah Palmer, below) walks down the aisle, there will be two peo­ple on the edge of their seats on a Whanga­mata farm. “My par­ents never miss an episode,” says Palmer, adding her dad does, how­ever, have some reser­va­tions about this par­tic­u­lar one.

“I know that Dad has made some com­ments to Mum about, ‘I don’t want to watch be­cause it will ruin it for her real wed­ding’ which I thought was re­ally sweet.” Mean­while, Palmer says she is just re­lieved Dawn’s wed­ding to para­medic Ali Karim (Tane Williams-Ac­cra) es­capes the Short­land Street wed­ding curse that has led so many nup­tials to be plagued by dis­as­ter.

“I ac­tu­ally went and talked to the writ­ers and said, ‘What is go­ing to go wrong at the wed­ding? Is the barn go­ing to col­lapse? Is Ali go­ing to freak out and not turn up? What is go­ing to hap­pen?’ But they were like, ‘No, we’re go­ing to have a nice wed­ding and noth­ing is go­ing to go wrong’,” she says, adding she never ex­pected to be mar­ry­ing for the first time on screen.

“I thought we’d get en­gaged but I didn’t know if we’d make it to the wed­ding.”

The 24 year old says she is find­ing the whole wed­ding ex­pe­ri­ence a bit weird.

“I of­ten think turn­ing up to work and putting on my wed­ding and en­gage­ment rings to some­body who is not my part­ner is very strange, but I had this mo­ment where we were in the cos­tume de­part­ment and try­ing on the dress for the first time,” she re­veals.

“Do­ing a hair and makeup trial and all that was fine and it just sort of felt like a cos­tume un­til they put the veil on then I had this, ‘I’ve got to catch my breath’ mo­ment when I ac­tu­ally felt like a real bride.

“It’s so strange. Even walk­ing down the aisle with the Topp Twins singing, the cast are all such good friends any­way, it’s like your friends are all there at your wed­ding, I was get­ting a bit teary-eyed walk­ing down the aisle.”

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