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‘‘Peo­ple need to read the 29 cri­te­ria and 63 ques­tions the coun­cil have come up with to re­alise the vast ma­jor­ity of owned as well as rental prop­er­ties in NZ would fail on at least one item so at $250 per house to get it rated not many land­lords will take it up even when they have good warm, dry, in­su­lated and heated houses.’’

‘‘There needs to be a star rat­ing where rentals get 1 - 5 stars based on the per­cent­age com­pli­ance with the re­quire­ments not just a pass:fail on cri­te­ria that go way be­yond get­ting rid of the damp mouldy cold houses.’’ rent­ing rooms.’’ look­ing at or liv­ing in your as­set, then you should be held ac­count­able, oth­er­wise sell up if its too hard! We need to be tougher!‘‘

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