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There are three rea­sons why peo­ple liv­ing in Up­per Hutt should give their party vote to ACT.

Ed­u­ca­tion – I have five schoolage chil­dren who at­tend five dif­fer­ent schools in the Hutt.

I know how dif­fi­cult it can be to move chil­dren if the school they are at­tend­ing is not right for them and how the qual­ity of teach­ers makes a huge dif­fer­ence.

I want more choice in the ways our chil­dren get ed­u­cated and to at­tract and keep more top qual­ity peo­ple to the teach­ing pro­fes­sion. ACT’s poli­cies of part­ner­ship schools and al­low­ing schools the abil­ity to pay qual­ity teach­ers more will en­able this to hap­pen.

Hous­ing – Even in Up­per Hutt own­ing a house is mov­ing be­yond the reach of many. It is the main driver for in­equal­ity in our coun­try.

There is only one so­lu­tion to this - we need to re­lease more land for hous­ing pur­poses and cut the red tape that slows the build­ing of new houses and in­creases the cost of homes via in­creased land and build­ing costs.

Govern­men­tWaste – Every sin­gle other party is promis­ing to spend even more of your money. ACT is the only party that thinks gov­ern­ment should spend more wisely and stop wast­ing it on cor­po­rate or mid­dle-class wel­fare.

We will look to en­sure the wel­fare state is tar­geted to­wards those it was de­signed for (the poor and needy) and not the peo­ple who don’t need it.

If we cut waste we will even be able to give some of the money back to those who earned it in the first place.

I want a gov­ern­ment that works for us and al­lows us to help our­selves rather than us work­ing for gov­ern­ment. If you agree give your party vote to ACT this elec­tion.


Walk down Main Street, Up­per Hutt and you can feel a buzz in the air, thanks to over 400 new jobs cre­ated in the past two years by busi­ness own­ers who are op­ti­mistic and con­fi­dent about the fu­ture.

While this has hap­pened through the hard work of ev­ery­body in our com­mu­nity, there is no doubt that the Na­tional Gov­ern­ment is back­ing busi­nesses to suc­ceed: it’s never been eas­ier to do busi­ness, taxes are lower, and free trade agree­ments have opened up new­mar­kets for New Zealand prod­ucts.

When our busi­nesses do well, it means New Zealand can af­ford to in­vest in the things that mat­ter to Rimu­taka.

Our Na­tional-led Gov­ern­ment has al­ready in­vested $56 mil­lion in Rimu­taka school build­ings; built the $43 mil­lion Hay­wards In­ter­change and is con­struct­ing Trans­mis­sion Gully and the Peka Peka–Otaki Ex­press­way; in­creased Hutt Val­ley DHB’s fund­ing by $102 mil­lion since 2008, re­sult­ing in 13 per cent more elec­tive surg­eries and 44 per cent more cataract surg­eries; and pro­vided free GP vis­its and pre­scrip­tions for more than 10,000 chil­dren in Rimu­taka.

Build­ing com­menced on a fur­ther 330 new homes and re­fur­bish­ing 383 ex­ist­ing Hous­ing New Zealand homes across the Hutt Val­ley.

A Na­tional-led Gov­ern­ment will re­ward peo­ple for hard work – our Fam­ily In­comes Pack­age will boost in­comes for 1.3 mil­lion Kiwi fam­i­lies by $26 a week on av­er­age from April 1, with flow-on ben­e­fits to re­tirees and ter­tiary stu­dents.

We are com­mit­ted to build­ing in­fra­struc­ture for our grow­ing econ­omy in­clud­ing up­grades to the Hutt Val­ley and Melling rail com­muter lines.

We will de­liver broad­band to more houses, 62 more po­lice for the Welling­ton Po­lice District and cheaper doc­tors’ fees for house­holds on com­mu­nity ser­vices cards. There will not be more taxes.

All of this adds up to a great rea­son to Party Vote Na­tional in 2017!


The Con­ser­va­tive Party’s as­pi­ra­tions for the vot­ers in Rimu­taka are in line with those for all elec­torates.

New Zealand has many ex­cel­lent fea­tures and is still one of the best coun­tries in the world by a range of in­di­ca­tors.

But the ar­eas in which we fail, in­clud­ing vi­o­lence within the home and in wider so­ci­ety, sui­cides dis­pro­por­tion­ately ac­count­ing for young peo­ple, males and Maori, dis­hon­est busi­ness prac­tices and the high rate of im­pris­on­ments tell us that some­thing is bro­ken.

We need to hit the re­set but­ton and rein­vest in the nat­u­ral nu­clear fam­ily of Dad, Mum and the chil­dren and give them the tools and as­sis­tance to pros­per.

These formthe foun­da­tion stone of a sta­ble so­ci­ety, and multi­gen­er­a­tional fam­ily struc­tures are the pil­lars which sup­port a suc­cess­ful na­tion.

A key com­po­nent of this re­nais­sance is to con­firm­re­spect for all hu­man life, the ab­sence of which is a root cause of many of our prob­lems. The Con­ser­va­tive Party is the only one which is com­mit­ted to pro­tect all hu­man life from con­cep­tion to nat­u­ral death.

This con­trasts with Labour and the Greens, in par­tic­u­lar, which have stated in­ten­tions of de­crim­i­nal­is­ing abor­tion.

They would treat the killing of the un­born as merely a health ser­vice.

The cost to so­ci­ety of such a ret­ro­grade step can­not be overem­pha­sised.

We have lost 500,000 chil­dren to abor­tions in the last 40 years, a quar­ter of two gen­er­a­tions.

We tax­pay­ers have had the du­bi­ous priv­i­lege of pay­ing $500 mil­lion to fund this loss.

The long termfis­cal neg­a­tive is much more dis­turb­ing.

At a time when many are ques­tion­ing the af­ford­abil­ity of univer­sal su­per­an­nu­a­tion, the pro­jected loss to Trea­sury is es­ti­mated to be at least $250 bil­lion.

By any mea­sure it is lu­nacy to be killing the next gen­er­a­tion of tax­pay­ers, some­thing which Labour and the Greens seem de­ter­mined to per­pet­u­ate.


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