Waiheke Marketplace - - Classi Eds - By Louise Roke

ast week I started to tell you about my ex­pe­ri­ence help­ing the kids nd their rst home in Auck­land. The rst thing of course is lo­ca­tion; where do you want to be and how much you can re­al­is­ti­cally pay. That's why we are so lucky on­wai­heke ev­ery sub­urb is great. Be­ing a rst home buyer in the lower bud­get of the north shore is very com­pet­i­tive. Af­ter a few weeks this was the check­list I dis­cov­ered. Can you swing a cat in the liv­ing area? (I re­ally shouldn't say that as a cat lover/owner), are the rooms on top of each other? Can you look into the neigh­bours in mul­ti­ple rooms and nearly touch them? Can you hear traf c noise? Some things you can x, some you can't so if there are a lot of things you can't x then you may get some­thing in the high 800s or 900s in a good sub­urb still. Re­mem­ber you can't drink cham­pagne on a beer bud­get but you can make the most of what you have. If you can do a cart­wheel in the lounge, can walk around in lit­tle more than a nightie, have some peace and quiet and your at mate or two year old is some­where other than in your face 24/7 ex­pect to pay from one mil­lion up­wards and it is quite of­ten than not, a do up. That is the tragic re­al­ity; makes Wai­heke look at­trac­tive peo­ple! Lo­ca­tion, lo­ca­tion has al­ways been the most im­por­tant equa­tion, why? Well we all want to live in a place that is rea­son­ably safe, a good in­vest­ment with a great com­mu­nity and like minded peo­ple. We want our cir­cle of in uence and our chil­dren's cir­cle of in uence to be as pos­i­tive and mo­ti­vat­ing as pos­si­ble. Af­ter 4-6 full time weeks of vis­its, open homes, they nally found their do up; it looked ter­ri­ble but I knew with a lot of time, a lit­tle money and heaps of cre­ativ­ity we could make it look fan­tas­tic. It failed at auc­tion and then had con­di­tional in­ter­est. So it was; the kids ended up with a house and they could cart­wheel in the lounge, the lay­out was great, so was the lo­ca­tion. So Andy was con­nected to a paint brush for 2-3 weeks solid and I as usual, di­rected. Land­scap­ing com­pleted the front court­yard, the back­yard was al­ready com­plete with kauri trees (backs onto Le Roy's re­serve) - ah­hhh the jour­ney had ended. The thing I no­ticed the most was the agents who had good prop­erty were very pro­fes­sional; you don't get to the top of this game by sit­ting on your lau­rels. I'm happy to talk to you about what you can do to present your house to mar­ket. Next week it's our trip to Amer­ica and how rid­ing on a big Har­ley re­minds you to never for­get in life to take time out to feel the wind through your hair. Til next time,

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