Keep your pets calm this Guy Fawkes

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The Guy Fawkes fire­works cel­e­bra­tions on Novem­ber 5 can se­verely stress an­i­mals.

With over 60 per cent of Ki­wis own­ing ei­ther a cat or dog, New Zealand ranks the sec­ond high­est in pet own­er­ship per capita across the globe.

It is beaten only by the US, ac­cord­ing to a 2016 re­port from The New Zealand Com­pan­ion An­i­mal Coun­cil.

Dr War­ren Stroud of An­i­mates Vet­care says pre­ven­ta­tive mea­sures to ease stress on pets are cru­cial.

“The star­tling lights and spo­radic bursts of sound that come with fire­works can be very fright­en­ing for any an­i­mal,

“For ex­am­ple it’s an an­i­mal’s nat­u­ral in­stinct to hide, so get­ting them in­side and cre­at­ing a `den’ of favourite blan­kets, beds and toys will help them feel safe,” he says.

Stress-re­liev­ing prod­uct, such as Adap­til collars, sprays and dif­fusers re­lease a syn­thetic ver­sion of a nat­u­ral pheromone, cre­at­ing a calm­ing and com­fort­ing ef­fect on dogs and pup­pies in stress­ful sit­u­a­tions such as storms and fire­works.

Feli­way is the fe­line equiv­a­lent of Adap­til and is safe to use for both cats and kit­tens.

The Thun­der­shirt is a sim­ple de­vice — a tight-fit­ting shirt pro­vides a gen­tle, con­stant pres­sure that has a calm­ing ef­fect for most pets if they are anx­ious, fear­ful or overex­cited.

Th­ese prod­ucts can be found a pet stores and vets.

For pets with se­vere anx­i­ety please make an ap­point­ment with your vet who can pre­scribe anti anx­i­ety med­i­ca­tion if needed.


If your pets want to hide, that’s fine. Cre­ate a ‘den’ of favourite blan­kets and toys to pro­vide a safe place.

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