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■ Walk your dog ear­lier in the evening to tire them out.

■ Keep your pets in­side with their bed, favourite toys and the cur­tains closed.

■ Feed them be­fore the fire­works start. A full stom­ach should help them re­lax and make them sleepy.

■ If your pets want to hide, that’s fine. Cre­ate a ‘den’ of favourite blan­kets and toys to pro­vide a safe place.

■ Turn on mu­sic or the TV to dis­guise the noise.

■ Keep your fe­line friend in­side by keep­ing their cat door locked.

■ En­sure your pet is mi­crochipped, has a col­lar and ID tag, in case they run from your prop­erty when they are scared.

■ For small pets and birds par­tially cover their cages or en­clo­sures with a blan­ket.

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