Pos­i­tive spin on fuel rise

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NZ buy­ers of new cars should take ac­count of cli­mate change, es­pe­cially as last year, SUVs were one of the favourite styles.

Now when they fill these SUVs with the newly priced petrol or diesel, they com­plain. It’s a shock.

Driv­ing in Italy where the petrol costs over $2, peo­ple mainly drive small, en­ergy ef­fi­cient cars. I do feel sorry for NZ fam­i­lies driv­ing old in­ef­fi­cient cars so we need fre­quent, good pub­lic trans­port for them. We need to change our mind­set.

If I sug­gest that a new car could be a hy­brid or elec­tric, I’m told they are too ex­pen­sive. But they can be no more than a Euro­pean car of the same size, such as Audi and Mercedes, and they are sell­ing well. Sec­ond­hand hy­brids are affordable.

Fore­casts of the dire con­se­quence of global warm­ing should make all of us think more about how much fuel is con­tribut­ing to it and stop buy­ing gas guz­zlers un­less we re­ally need them for cartage and work. Hope­fully, this higher price of gas fo­cuses peo­ple’s minds as to how they can spend less on fuel. Think lo­cally, act glob­ally.

Frankie Let­ford, Hamil­ton

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