minute quiz 5

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1. What long-es­tab­lished English com­pany pub­lishes books on eti­quette and a guide to the Bri­tish peer­age?

2. The medic­i­nal herb ar­nica is com­monly used to re­lieve what?

3. In which Amer­i­can state was the co­me­dian and ac­tor Bill Cosby im­pris­oned for sex­ual of­fences?

4. In what city would you drive on the Tul­la­ma­rine Free­way?

5. Com­plete the fol­low­ing line from a 1986 hit song by Jen­nifer Warnes: ‘‘First we take Man­hat­tan, then we take . . .’’

6. Broad­caster Pam Cork­ery was an MP for what po­lit­i­cal party?

7. In what Amer­i­can state would you find Gen­eral Sher­man, a se­quoia tree that’s thought to be the world’s largest liv­ing or­gan­ism?

8. Queen Sirikit was mar­ried to the lon­greign­ing king of what Asian coun­try?

9. What town is lo­cated ex­actly mid­way be­tween Napier and Hast­ings?

10. At the New York Stock Ex­change, what is used to sig­nal the open­ing and clos­ing of the day’s trad­ing?

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