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1. What lower North Is­land town is whim­si­cally twinned with the English sea­port of Cowes?

2. Which was the Bea­tles’ last No 1 hit in New Zealand: Get Back, Hey Jude or Let It Be?

3. Which coun­try has the largest land area: Italy, Viet­nam or New Zealand?

4. In Aus­tralian pol­i­tics, who is known by the nick­name ScoMo?

5. What first name is shared by a golfer with the sur­name Mick­el­son, a talk-show host with the sur­name McGraw and a New Zealand broad­caster with the sur­name O’Brien?

6. Vine­gar that has been aged in wooden bar­rels is called what?

7. Paul Allen, who died in Oc­to­ber, was a co­founder of what high-pro­file multi­na­tional com­pany?

8. What pop­u­lar Bri­tish ac­tress and doc­u­men­tary pre­sen­ter made her name play­ing a char­ac­ter in the 1970s se­ries The New Avengers?

9. What word can pre­cede saucer, doc­tor or fish?

10. What pop­u­lar se­ries of chil­dren’s sto­ries fea­tures char­ac­ters named Thomas, Gor­don, James and Percy?

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