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Well done high­light­ing the prob­lem with coun­cil’s in­tro­duc­tion of water me­ters in re­gard to com­plex prop­er­ties.

As a res­i­dent in such a prop­erty — a cross lease block of three units — I have cor­re­sponded with the man­ager of water ser­vices high­light­ing my con­cern in hav­ing to share my water us­age pay­ments.

I face the is­sue of be­ing a low us­age in­di­vid­ual who is go­ing to be sub­si­dis­ing my self­ad­mit­ted ‘water hog’ neigh­bours that oc­cupy one of the units (a cou­ple with two in­comes, a large amount of gar­den with wa­ter­ing sys­tem, two cars that get washed ev­ery week, etc.).

The usual stock an­swers/ so­lu­tions are given ie: pay for ex­pen­sive plumb­ing work and that coun­cil can’t read in­di­vid­ual me­ters . . .

Ac­cord­ing to the in­for­ma­tion in­cluded with the mock bills, my share of the bill means I am con­sid­ered in the high us­age group as an in­di­vid­ual when I know I am an ex­tremely low user.

At the cur­rent us­age I will be pay­ing not much less than the cur­rent water rate. To say that I’m brassed off about the whole thing is an un­der­state­ment.

Coun­cil say they will be re­view­ing and analysing the sys­tem af­ter a year to de­ter­mine if they think it is fair.

I’d be in­ter­ested to know if they ac­tu­ally mean to con­tact af­fected res­i­dents and ask their opin­ions and ex­pe­ri­ences or if they will just look at num­bers and in a rather child­ish way de­ter­mine that everyone is ‘bet­ter off’.


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