Me­ters should mean no penal­ties

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Water me­ters are in­stalled un­der the prin­ci­ples of “user pays” to en­sure the costs of water sup­ply to be met by the ac­tual con­sumer and pro­por­tional to their con­sump­tion.

There is also a be­lief that con­sumers will man­age their own water con­sump­tion ac­cord­ingly.

I find it very dif­fi­cult to form an ar­gu­ment against this rea­son­ing.

How­ever, I have lived in an­other dis­trict that brought in water me­ters us­ing the same logic and found that, in re­al­ity, the coun­cil “wanted their cake and eat it too”.

They still im­posed water re­stric­tions ev­ery sum­mer and even ran ad­ver­tis­ing en­cour­ag­ing neigh­bours to dob in neigh­bours they saw us­ing water con­trary to the re­stric­tions.

My prob­lem is that if the user pays, then they must be able to con­sume water in any way they see fit and at any time. Their only re­spon­si­bil­ity is to pay for what they use.

Coun­cil’s sole re­spon­si­bil­ity, un­der their user pays phi­los­o­phy, is to en­sure the un­re­stricted sup­ply of water at all times. So as pay­ing users, can we ex­pect un­re­stricted sup­ply or suf­fer the “user pays” hypocrisy of re­stric­tions and penal­ties?


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