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Ad­vance vot­ing is now open so the elec­tion is of­fi­cially on. The race for the Wairarapa seat is heat­ing up with Kieran McAnulty (Labour) and Ron Mark (NZ First) putting up a strong chal­lenge to in­cum­bent Alas­tair Scott (Na­tional). We asked our read­ers on Neigh­bourly and Face­book who they think is the best per­son for the job and why?


Kirsty McKen­zie:

‘‘Kieran hands down; what ex­actly has Alas­tair Scott done for the Wairarapa in the last 3 years ex­cept show up where a cam­era will be?’’

Steffen Ber­tram:

‘‘Ron Mark - NZ FirstMP We need a pow­er­ful voice that will have de­ci­sion mak­ing power on the front bench. Per­son­ally, I am ex­cited we have a chance to make his­tory Red or Blue noth­ing new.’’

Paul Stevens:

‘‘Welling­to­ni­ans don’t care about the Wairarapa and nei­ther should they. Welling­ton has enough of its own trou­bles. That’s why we need a lo­cal that will be a voice for the re­gion.’’

Allan Dittmer:

‘‘Ron Mark for me. For the is­sues which di­rectly ef­fect me he al­ready is up to play with what can be done.’’

Deb­bie Car­man:

‘‘Kieran McAnulty....he is young, fresh, smart, en­er­getic and pas­sion­ate about Wairarapa. Ev­ery­body needs to start some­where and he won’t lan­guish long on the back benches, lazily pick­ing up his salary. He is also a man of his word.....he has not done abrupt about-faces like another I could men­tion.’’

Martin Gron­bach:

‘‘Ron Mark hands down. Strong­est and most ex­pe­ri­enced of the lot by a coun­try mile and able to put the elec­torate first be­fore party in­ter­ests un­like the other two.’’

Eg­gert Holl:

‘‘Ron Mark. He knows his stuff. I find it ab­so­lutely hi­lar­i­ous that Alas­tair Scott said that he is proud of his achieve­ments. As far as I can tell he has done noth­ing at all. I guess one must be proud of not do­ing any­thing wrong?’’

Ray Haste:

‘‘Ac­tu­ally none of them have any his­tory of ac­tu­ally do­ing any­thing? What have any of them ac­tu­ally achieved?’’

Peter Craw­shaw:

‘‘Noth­ing new, Na­tional sleep walk­ing into power.’’

Jerry Steer:

All they know is how to cre­ate big­ger and less af­ford­able lol­lies for us to scram­ble for. Why isn’t any­one pay­ing at­ten­tion to the un­der­ly­ing prob­lems. It’s the econ­omy stupid and what it’s founded on - for­eign debt in­flated by this govern­ment.


This seat isn’t true blue, peo­ple need to re­mem­ber 1999 when trans­gen­der Labour can­di­date de­feated Na­tional can­di­date, me­dia personality Paul Henry, shut­ting him out Par­lia­ment. She went on to win a se­cond term in 2002, be­fore re­tir­ing be­fore the 2005 elec­tion when John Hayes (Na­tional) took over. He was of­ten cited as the most in­vis­i­ble elec­torate MPin the coun­try. Wairarapa will be a good one to watch this year, it will be closer than we all think.

Labour’s anti-agri­cul­ture poli­cies will count against it mak­ing gains in Wairarapa.

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Wairarapa gen­eral elec­tion candidates for 2017 at a Meet the Candidates event at Ku­ranui Col­lege.

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