Why bother get­ting out to vote?

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Satur­day is polling day for the gen­eral elec­tions but you can get down any time un­til then to take ad­van­tage of ad­vance polling.

Weasked peo­ple on Neighbourly and Face­book why they think we should be get­ting down to the polling booth this week?

‘‘We are for­tu­nate to live in a democ­racy, and one where all cit­i­zens over 18 (male and fe­male) get to vote - not ev­ery­where in the world is so for­tu­nate. Our fore­bears sac­ri­ficed so much so that we could have the right to vote, and I in­tend never to squan­der this right.’’

- Pat­tie O’Boyle

‘‘When good peo­ple don’t vote bad peo­ple get in power. Let’s sup­port change for the Wairarapa.

- St­ef­fen Ber­tram

We have a moral re­spon­si­bil­ity to vote! Imag­ine a coun­try where no­body voted, or were not al­lowed to vote. We live in a democ­racy. I agree the red and blue teams are all the same. We need to vote a team that’s go­ing to hold them ac­count­able.’’

- Jes­sica Schot

‘‘If we don’t we hand over our des­tiny to those who will as­sume power. Look at North Korea, We may not get the best but at least we can vote them out.’’

- Richard Alan Dahlberg

‘‘To make a dif­fer­ence, vot­ing gives us the chance to do that, per­ish the thought of what NZ would be like with­out it ...’’

- Robyn-Jane Wren

‘‘If ya don’t vote ya can’t com­plain af­ter­wards.’’

- David Hayes

‘‘It’s your chance to give our re­gion a strong voice in par­lia­ment.’’

- Martin Gron­bach

‘‘I agree, it is our demo­cratic re­spon­si­bil­ity to vote de­spite our flawed demo­cratic sys­tem.’’


A nurs­ing mother who con­sumes flu­o­ride, shows min­i­mal added con­cen­tra­tion in breast milk. The lethal dose of white sugar to kill 50 per cent of rats is 29.7g/kg, eg: roughly 2.08kg for a 70kg rat. The lethal dose of sodium flu­o­ride to kill 50 per cent of rats is 52mg/kg. A third of a tube of 1400ppmF sodium flu­o­ride tooth­paste is enough to kill half 2.15kg rats.

They haven’t tried it on chil­dren as it would seem un­eth­i­cal, and yet our Min­istry of Health stip­u­lates ex­actly that; rou­tinely pre­scrib­ing full­strength (flavoured and sweet­ened) adult tooth­paste on all chil­dren 6 months and up; and, dis­cour­ag­ing rins­ing.

The pre­scribed up­per-level in­take of flu­o­ride for chil­dren 7-12 months is 0.9mg/day. This is about twice what is con­sid­ered an ad­e­quate in­take for hard­en­ing of tooth enamel.

For­mula-fed in­fants con­sume on aver­age 800mls/day. At 1ppmF from wa­ter sup­ply, this is 0.8mg. Add to this a 10mm strip of above­men­tioned tooth­paste, half of which is swal­lowed, and this is an­other 0.4mg per brush­ing, or 0.8mg if brush­ing twice a day.

This would bring the daily to­tal to 1.6mg, or al­most twice the up­per limit for a child of 7-12 months.

Thank youMDC for the flu­o­ride and chlo­rine-free tap on Manuka St Lans­downe...and thank you for veg­eta­bles. (abridged)

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Wairarapa peo­ple have plenty of op­tions of where to post their elec­tion bal­lots. Got to elec­tions.org.nz to find out where.

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