Good tyres a must for win­ter driv­ing

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Keep­ing your tyres in good con­di­tion at all times will help you stay safe on the road. There are a range of things you can check reg­u­larly to make sure your tyres do their job cor­rectly. Choos­ing and fit­ting tyres You need to choose the tyres that are right for your ve­hi­cle and the driv­ing you do. No tyre is per­fect for all driv­ing con­di­tions. Talk to an ex­pert about how and where you reg­u­larly drive so they can ad­vise on the tyres you might need.

Most tyre man­u­fac­tur­ers rec­om­mend plac­ing the tyres with the best grip at the rear, whether the car is front or rear wheel drive. Fit­ting tyres with less grip to the rear of a ve­hi­cle can re­sult in over­steer and loss of con­trol.

It is best to re­place your tyres in sets of four (or at least in pairs on the same axle) to main­tain con­sis­tent han­dling.

Car man­u­fac­tur­ers rec­om­mend that re­place­ment tyres be the same type as those orig­i­nally fit­ted, to main­tain all-round driv­ing per­for­mance.

Tyre tread depth Reg­u­larly check your tyres to make sure there is plenty of tread. The min­i­mum legal depth is 1.5mm but the more tread you have the bet­ter the grip and the safer you’ll be.

Be­cause it’s the only part of the ve­hi­cle that grips the road, the depth of tread on your tyres is im­por­tant for the safety of your ve­hi­cle. The faster you go, the less ef­fec­tive your tyres will be if the tread depth isn’t up to scratch.

Check­ing tyre tread depth is easy and only takes a few min­utes. You can use a tread depth checker/gauge your­self or go to a lo­cal garage and get them to check it for you. If you can see any worn, dam­aged or ex­posed cords (steel from within the tyre) take it to an ex­pert im­me­di­ately.

Tyre pres­sure Hav­ing the cor­rect tyre pres­sure helps im­prove safety, han­dling, fuel ef­fi­ciency and extends tyre life. Cor­rect tyre pres­sure can help re­duce fuel con­sump­tion by up to 4 per cent.

Legally, you need to keep your tyres at the pres­sure rec­om­mended by the ve­hi­cle man­u­fac­turer and as tyres nat­u­rally lose a lit­tle air pres­sure over time so check­ing them ev­ery month or so is a good idea.

You should be able to find your car’s cor­rect tyre pres­sure ei­ther on the in­side of the driver’s door, in the hand­book or by googling the make and model of your car. Tyre pres­sure should be checked when tyres are cold and don’t for­get to make sure your spare wheel or space saver wheel is in­flated to the cor­rect pres­sure, too.

Good tyres make for a safe jour­ney.

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