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Thom­son and Thunes Cloete. 48 – Gra­ham Bal­lan­tyne and Ian Ry­der : Stan Rud­den­klau and Paul Ve­len­ski. The in­cen­tive holes were won by -Gra­ham Bal­lan­tyne – Rock­gas No 7, Aaron Cos­grove – Roger Gilchrist Builder No 15, Bruce Ka­u­fana – White­stone Fu­neral ser­vices No 4, Jim Mor­ris – ANZ Bank No 18, Shige Koyama – White­stone Cheese No 13, Ray McNally – Su­per Liquor No 17. The jack­pot hole was No 15 -won by Shige Koyama , Tony Cartwright , Doug Lowrie, Ge­off McLeod, Jim Von­der and Roger Gilchrist. ‘‘Two’s’’ were scored by Dave McKen­zie, Shige Koyama, Tont Cartwright, Doug Lowrie, Jim John­ston ,Ge­off McLeod,Jim Von­der, Gra­ham, Bal­lan­tyne and Roger Gilchrist. Thurs­day, June 4 35 mid­week men played a medal round. Win­ners were Se­nior (0-16) Gra­ham John­son 67, Peter Bond 69, Dave McKen­zie 69, Gary Creedy 70, Doug Lowrie 71, Bruce Ka­u­fana 71. Ju­nior (17+) Avon Cald­well 70, NeilMcKen­zie 70, Brian McCone 71, Stan Rud­den­klau 73, Ken Lara­man 73, Colin Buchanan 73, Tim Hutchinson 73. ‘‘Two’s’’ were scored by Gary Creedy, Avon Cald­well, Ian Ry­der, Doug Lowrie, Tim Hutchinson and Gra­ham McIn­tyre. Near­est the pin at Creek was Ri­ley Rooney. The birdie hole was won by Doug Lowrie and Ian Ry­der. Next week the host will be Noel Tither , and the game a stable­ford. Satur­day, June 6 A field of 50 played a medal round. Win­ners were Se­nior ( 0-12) Gra­ham John­son 69, Grant Gar­diner 72, Kris Rush 72 (Gross 71 ), An­drew Miller 72. In­ter­me­di­ate ( 13-18) Rob Thom­son 67, Bran­don Ry­der 67, NoelTither 70, Pop El­liott 73, Peter Law­son 73. Ju­nior ( 19+) Avon Clad­well 70, Ken Beeke 72, Lewis Gil­lies 72, Colin Buchanan 73, Tim Hutchinson 75. ‘‘Two’s’’ were scored by Rob­bie Shea , Ge­orge Bain , Rob Thom­son , Gra­ham John­son (2) Avon Cald­well , Kris Rush and Stephen Waby. The jack­pot hole was No 17 – won by Gra­ham John­son and Kris Rush. The in­cen­tive holes were won by – Gra­ham John­son – White­stone Fu­neral Ser­vices No 4. Rob­bie Shea – Roger Gilchrist Builder No 15. Gra­ham John­son – Rock­gas No 7. Gra­ham John­son – Su­per Liquor No 17. Avon Cald­wellWhite­stone Cheese No 13. Bob Ma­son – ANZ Bank No 18. Next week the game will be a stable­ford. 4BBB matches should be played.


Tar­get Shoot­ing North Otago shoot­ing re­sults for the week end­ing May 29th, 2015. Oa­maru Rail­way: Mur­ray Reeves,98.4; Adri­anne Sher­win,98.4; Alis­tair Smith,97.4; Ge­off Hawtin, 93.2; Pat Ham­mond,79.1; Josh Gor­don-Glass­ford,94.4; Jenny Cowhan,87.2; Ja­son Shi­ef­fel­bien,86; Blake Jamieson, 67.1. Pukeuri: Karl Valpy,100.6; Mal­colm Gar­land,99.5; John Hamil­ton,99.5; Greg Plun­ket,91.3; Stephen Stra­chan,90.1; Greg McFar­lane,92.2; Digger McCu;lloch,90.3; Brid­get John­ston,97.4; Shane Grant,95.4; Bruce McCul­loch,88.02; Jarvis Cross,91.1; Joe Adam­son,88; Fin Car­nell,93; Jack Cameron-Dun­can,91. En­field: Reg Partridge,91; Lind­say Smith,88; Stephen Martin,91.1; John Kane,95.2; Lisa Tim­pany,83; Lance Martin,91.2. Tokarahi: Stephen Bradley,88.1; Scott John­ston,90.1; Robyn Bradley, 81; Matt Miller,84; Neil John­ston,55. Waitaki Boy’s High School: Jayekib den Dulk,87.1; Arie den Dulk,66,82; Zen­ton Josephs,71. The Jenkin’s tro­phy com­pe­ti­tion points gained af­ter round 4; En­field 6, Pukeuri 10, Tokarahi 6, Oa­maru Rail­way 10. Tokarahi was beaten by En­field, 95.75 to 90.2. Pukeuri won against Oa­maru Rail­way, 98.42 to 97.16. The North Otago Open Cham­pi­onships was held at Pukeuri Range with 55 en­tries. A good turnout with Mur­ray Reeves win­ning A Grade, 297.20, John Bros­na­han (Dunedin) 295.16, Adri­anne Sher­win,294.18. Sam Young (Ju­nior, Dunedin) won B Grade, 295.18, Peter Fal­coner, (Clin­ton),294.12, John Stan­way,(Dunedin)292.12. Ar­ron Cham­bers, (Dunedin) won C Grade with 289.12, Lanelle Mil­lar-McArthur, (Ash­bur­ton),288.11, Christina Miller, (Geral­dine),284.12. Nikki Bradley,(Dunedin) won D Grade, 283.6, Hanri De Bruin, (Dunedin), 281.6, Nic Bros­na­han,(Dunedin), 280.5. Tar­get Shoot­ing North Otago shoot­ing re­sults for the week end­ing June 6 2015. Oa­maru Rail­way: Mur­ray Reeves,97.2; Ge­off Hawtin, 93.3; Pat Ham­mond,79; Josh Gor­donGlass­ford,92.1; Jenny Cowhan,84; Jor­dan Bath­gate,88.1; Ja­son Shi­ef­fel­bien,62; Blake Jamieson, 54; Cal­lum Gille­spie,65; Donna Aber­nethy,73. Pukeuri: Karl Valpy,98.5; Mal­colm Gar­land,98.4; John Hamil­ton,99.5; Greg Plun­ket,96.2; Stephen Stra­chan,97.3; Greg McFar­lane,89.1; Digger McCul­loch,86.2; Shane Grant,92.1; Jarvis Cross,92; Joe Adam­son,89.1; Fin Car­nell,93.2; Jack Cameron-Dun­can,95.1; Alec Bor­rie,88.1. En­field: Reg Partridge,88; Lind­say Smith,90; John Kane,96.2; Lisa Tim­pany,79. Tokarahi: Stephen Bradley,88.2; Scott John­ston,89; Robyn Bradley, 86.1; Matt Miller,86.1; Neil John­ston,81. Waitaki Boy’s High School: Allen Swann,86; Ryan Blair,83.1; Josh McColl,87.1; Jayekib den Dulk,90; Izaak Thomp­son-Holloway,87.1; Arie den Dulk,80; Rob­bie Kin­naird,76; Jarvis Cross;91.1; Josh Thomp­son-Holloway,75; Jack San­der­son,79; Zen­ton Josephs,68. The Jenkin’s tro­phy com­pe­ti­tion points gained af­ter round 5; En­field 7, Pukeuri 13, Tokarahi 7, Oa­maru Rail­way 13. Tokarahi was beaten by Pukeuri, 99.42 to 96.8. Oa­maru Rail­way won against En­field, 96.16 to 95.5. Waitaki Recre­ation Cen­tre was packed on Satur­day night with tar­get shoot­ers com­pet­ing in the an­nual North Otago ver­sus East Otago match. East Otago ‘‘scooped the pool’’ in all grades, with North Otago Vet­er­ans win­ning their match. East Otago Ju­niors won their match by de­fault. Mor­ris Stevenson(293.15) won the top Ju­nior and Tar­nisha Har­ri­son(Ju­nior) won top Lady shooter(292.12). Adri­anne Sher­win won the Vet­eran’s tro­phy with 290.9. Team re­sults; East Otago Open,2914.135; North Otago Open,2861.81; East Otago B Grade,2292.70; North Otago B Grade,2252.55; East Otago C Grade,2232.69; North Otago C Grade, 2108.31; East Otago Ju­niors, 1447.58; North Otago Vet­eran’s av­er­age,286.20; East Otago Vet­eran’s 269.05. Otago Blue and Gold’s team com­peted against Waikato Thor­ough­breds and Eastern Force teams, win­ning one match but los­ing against Eastern Force. With the N.D.C. com­pe­ti­tion half­way through, Otago Blue and Gold’s are in third place with 24 points hav­ing gained 12 points from this last weeks com­pe­ti­tion.


Sun­day, June 7 WBHS 1st X1 7 v Te­muka 0; Jonty Nay­lor 4, Scott Hamil­ton 1, Caleb Lude­mann, Sam Pimm. Fri­day, June 5 WGHS 1st X1 4 v WBHS 2nd X1 2 Jor­don Cun­ning­ham 2 Con­nie Searle 1 Ge­or­gia Proc­tor 1 Caleb Scar­let 2 Satur­day, June 6 Sham­rocks 4 v Pi­rata Black 1 El­lie-May San­dri 2 Ray Simp­son 1 Mel­lissa Wouters 1 Aaron Rush­ton 1. SKC 1st X1 7 v WGHS Devel­op­ment Ni­amh Far­rell 3 Rose McCarthy 2 Polly Harper 1 Gypsy Mae Har­ri­son 1. Place­Mak­ers Tainui A 4 v Cam­bridge 2 Richard Knight 1 Nick Dalziel 1 Josh Dalziel 1 Jared Ovens 1 Thomas Na­tion 1 Simon Small 1. WGHS 1st X1 0 v Pi­rata Blue 5 Amy Corry 2 Deon Bridger 1 Keenan Bridger 1 Su­san Sime 1. Sun­day, June 7 Place­Mak­ers Tainui B 4 v TBHS 2nd X1 3 Richard Gaby 2 Sean Daly 2 James Co­p­land 1 Ethan Tyree 2.

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