Direc­tory of Walk­ing Groups

Walking New Zealand - - Contents -


BAY OF IS­LANDS BAY OF IS­LANDS RUN­NERS & WALK­ERS: Satur­day (AM), Bert Vanasche 09-404-0147, or Gea Had­der­ingh 09- 405-7773 DAR­GAV­ILLE DAR­GAV­ILLE TRAMP­ING GROUP: Last Sun­day of month (AM), Max­ine Stringer 09-439-7815, 09-439-6029, stringer@in­fo­gen.net.nz WHANGAREI KIWI SE­NIORS WALK­ING GROUP: Mon­day (AM), Lee Taylor 09-4303470 CAR­DIAC CARE WALK­ING GROUP: Wed­nes­day (AM or PM), Jo or Hugh Knight 09-438-7976 KIWI SE­NIORS WALK­ING GROUP: Mon­day (AM), Kens­ing­ton Re­cep­tion, 09-437-4404 GREEN PRE­SCRIP­TION WALK­ING GROUPS: 0800-228-483 HAR­RI­ERS WALK­ING GROUP: Tues­day (AM), Wed­nes­day (PM), Thurs­day (AM), Val Babe 09-437-1657 HIKURANGI WALK­ING GROUP: Tues­day (PM) KAMO 60’s UP: Mon­day, Thurs­day (AM), Yvonne 09-435-1101 KENS­ING­TON WALK­ING GROUP: Tues­day Thurs­day (PM), Sport North­land 09-437-4404 TIKIPUNGA WALK­ING GROUP: Tues­day (AM), Bar­bara Der­rick 09435-0746 WAIPU WALK­ING GROUP: Wed­nes­day (AM) WHANGAREI TRAMP­ING CLUB: Sue Guy­att 09-436-1441 GREAT BAR­RIER IS­LAND BAR­RIER TRAMP­ING& BEER LOVERS CLUB: Sun­day, John Brock 09-429-0211


OUT­DOOR AC­TIV­I­TIES CLUB: mid­week, week­ends (BIA), walks, tramps, Val Todd 09-579-8250, www.oacnz.org AUCK­LAND NAT­U­RAL HIS­TORY CLUB: Ev­ery sec­ond Sun­day, (AM), (IA),Praemi Perera 09-836-9161, www.auck­land­nat­u­ral­his­to­ryclub.org ALPINE SPORTS CLUB: Tramps, walks, cy­cling, Sun­day, Satur­day, Mar­i­anne Rien­hard 09-575-2429 ALPINE SPORTS CLUB: Sun­day, Satur­day & week­days, tramps, walks , Beryl Borth­wick 09-444-9667 or Sue Fitz­patrick 09-576-1069 THUMBS UP AD­VEN­TURE GROUP (TUAC): Alan Grigg 027-493-6850, Libby 021-137-1488, Leonie 021-222-8982, www.tuac.co.nz AUCK­LAND CEN­TRAL AUCK­LAND YMCA MARATHON CLUB, (Walk­ers Sec­tion), Sun­day (AM), He­len Meyer 09-815-1444 AUCK­LAND CATHOLIC TRAMP­ING CLUB: Sarah Hart 09-625-7891, actc. tramp­ing­club@gmail.com AUCK­LAND WALK­ERS & JOG­GERS CLUB: Tues­day, Thurs­day (PM), Sun­day (AM), (BIA), Bev Hor­ton 09-625-5329 AUCK­LAND PRES­BY­TE­RIAN HAR­RIER & WALK­ING CLUB: Michael Vick­ers, 09-579-5355 AUCK­LAND BAP­TIST TRAMP­ING CLUB: Sun­day Monthly (PM), (BIA), John McCarthy 09-630-4073 RACEWALKING AUCK­LAND: Sun­day (AM), Grant 09-299-5634, www. sports­ground.co.nz/race­walkingauck­land/ AUCK­LAND TRAMP­ING CLUB: Tony Wal­ton 09-630-2591 www. auck­tramp­ing.org.nz AUCK­LAND UNIVER­SITY TRAMP­ING CLUB: Michelle Lee 09-358-1296 BLOCK­HOUSE BAY WALK­ING CLUB: Ces Gussey 09-837-5441 ELLER­SLIE Y’S WALK­ING CLUB: Olive An­drews 09-634-4148 EAST AND BAYS RUN­NERS & WALK­ERS: Glen­dowie, Satur­day, Sally 09-522-5321 EP­SOM Y’s COMMUNITY CEN­TRE WALK­ERS: Tues­day/Thurs­day (AM), Don Hay 09-636-9730 LYN­FIELD Y’S WALK­ING CLUB: Mt Roskill, Sun­day (AM), Mar­lene 09827-2737, Danny 09-627-9993 MT AL­BERT Y’s WALK­ING GROUP: Tues­day Fri­day, (AM), 09-846-0788 MT ROSKILL COMMUNITY HOUSE: Theresa McDon­ald, 09-624-3281 OUT­DOOR AC­TIV­I­TIES CLUB AUCK­LAND: Mar­shall Piecy 09-445-3808, www.oacnz.org ST HE­LIERS HIK­ERS: First/Third Wed­nes­days (all day), Glenn 09528-9726 LES MILLS GYM: Seven days, (AM) (PM), (BIA), Pow­er­walk­ing, Dave Buchan, 09-379-9590 STEP OUT WALK­ING GROUP: Thurs­day (AM), 09-379-2095 x 9704 WOMENS OUT­DOOR PUR­SUITS INC: Tues­day, Thurs­day, Sun­day, Anne 09-480-5424, www.wops.co.nz WEST AUCK­LAND BLUE TOP WALK­ERS: Hen­der­son, Tues­day, Thurs­day (AM), Terry Wil­son 09-814-9523 or 021-266-1071, ter­ryand­sheena@gmail.com, www. blue­top­walk­ers.wee­bly.com FIA OLA WOMEN’S DEVELOPMEMT WALK GROUP: Mon­day to Satur­day, Anne, 09-813-0021 FIT4LIFE: Glen­field, Mon­day (PM), Fri­day (AM), Sarah 021 534 649 FOOT­STEPS: Satur­day (AM), John 09-410-2995 GLEN EDEN WALK­ERS: Ora­tia Bowl­ing Club, Tues­day (AM), Ethel Den­scombe 09-818-3561 GLEN EDEN ATH­LETIC CLUB WALK­ERS: Glen Eden, Wed­nes­day (PM) and Satur­day (AM), Neil Turner 09-817-6230 GREEN BAY MUMS BUSH WALK­ERS: Ev­ery sec­ond Mon­day, Anne 09-827-7810 or 09-817-5867 GREEN BAY COMMUNITY HOUSE WALK­ERS: Tues­day (AM), Thurs­day (AM), Elaine 09-827-3300 HEN­DER­SON SE­NIORS WALK­ING GROUP: Hen­der­son, Fri­day (AM), Alene Couch­man 09-818-2580 KEL­STON MORN­ING WALK­ERS: Kel­ston C.C. Tues (AM), Joy Martin 09-838-6553 KEL­STON TWI­LIGHT WALK­ERS: Kel­ston, Tues­day (PM), Joy Martin 09-818-6084 KUMEU WALK GROUP: Kumeu, Fri­day (AM), Mary Davies 09-412-2262 LYNNMALL CITY MALL WALK­ING: Tues­day, Thurs­day (AM), (BIA), 09-826-2333 LYN­FIELD WALK­ING CLUB: Mt Roskill, Sun­day (AM), Mar­lene 09-8272737, Danny 09-627-993 LYNNDALE AM­A­TEUR ATH­LETIC & HAR­RIER CLUB: Wed­nes­day and Sun­day (AM), Mic Baker 09-626-3232 MASSEY ATH­LETIC CLUB: Sun­day (AM), Shena McGre­gor 09-412-8076 MASSEY JOG­GERS & WALK­ERS: Sun­day (AM), Kerry Watt 09-838-6665 or 021-517-049 NEW LYNN AC­TIVE 35+ WALK­ING GROUP: New Lynn, Wed­nes­day, Lor­raine, 09-827-8663 RANUI MORN­ING WALK GROUP: Mon­day to Fri­day (AM), Ju­dith 09-832-5692 RANUI TWI­LIGHT WALK GROUP: Mon­day, Wed­nes­day, Glenys 09832-4069 RIVERHEAD WALK GROUP: Wed­nes­day (AM), Dane Brown 09-4129952 SUM­MER­LAND WALK­ERS: Hen­der­son, Tues­day, Thurs­day (AM), Lyn Moun­tier 09-838-1599 TE ATAU PENIN­SULA WALK­ERS: Mon­day, Fri­day (AM), Wed­nes­day (PM), Mary Jones 09-834-6989 TE ATATU SOUTH AC­TIVE 35+ WALK­ING GROUP: Te Atatu South, Wed­nes­day, Edna, 09-834-1401 THE HAPPY WAN­DER­ERS WALK­ING GROUP: Wed­nes­day (AM), Brian Ash­more 09-817-4562 or 027-471-3038 TITIRANGI TWI­LIGHT WALK­ERS: Mon­day to Thurs­day (PM), Louise 09-817-7455, louiseni­chol­son@xtra.co.nz TITIRANGI WALK­ERS: Sun­days (AM), John Har­ris 09-817-7212, jeanah@ihug.co.nz Y’s WALK­ING HEN­DER­SON: Tues­days, Thurs­day, Sarah, 09-836-8031 Y’s Walk­ers, Mt Roskill, Sun­day (AM), Dan Gofin 09-627-9993 WAIATARUA WALK­ERS:Ora­tia, Satur­day (AM), 09-814-9945 WANDERWOMEN AD­VEN­TURES: 09-360-7330 WALK­ING WAITAKERE WED­NES­DAY WALKS: Wed­nes­day, (AM), May to Oc­to­ber, Kay Lind­ley 09-837-8820 WOMENS OUT­DOOR PUR­SUITS INC: Tues­day, Thurs­day, Sun­day, Anne 09-480-5424, www.wops.co.nz WEST AUCK­LAND DISTRICT TRAMP­ING CLUB: Sun­day (AM), www. tram­p­west.co.nz NORTH SHORE 10,000 STEPS HAR­BOUR CLUB: Har­bour Sport 09-415-4610 60’s UP TOR­BAY/BROWNS BAY: Wed (AM), Jan El­liott 09-473-3811, Josette West­cott 09-479-8159 ABERDEEN ROAD WALK­ERS: Camp­bells Bay, Satur­day (PM), Patsy Hulse 09-410-9353 BUSH WALK & TALK: Margi Keys, 09-443-6919 or 0274-481-581 NORTH SHORE TRAMP­ING CLUB: Katy Johns, 09-442-1204, www. nstc.org.nz BIRKEN­HEAD PROBUS CLUB: Al­bany, Tues­day (AM), Tracy Wat­son 09-414-5351 BROWNS BAY/TOR­BAY 60’s UP MOVE­MENT: Wed­nes­day (AM), Roy Ur­lic 09-473-8777 CAL­LIOPE ATH­LET­ICS WALK­ERS & HAR­RI­ERS: North­cote, Wed­nes­day (PM), Dave Pampitt 09-410-5287 DEVON­PORT WALK­ERS: Devon­port, Tues­day, Thurs­day Sun­day (AM), Pat & Jim McKay 09-445-2743 DEVON­PORT FRI­DAY WALK­ING GROUP: Devon­port, Fri­day (AM), Naomi Gar­dyne 09-445-4303 EAST COAST BAYS WALK­ERS: Browns Bay, Tues­day, Fri­day (AM), Pam Matt­son 09-302-4882 or 021-268-4154, pam_4882@ya­hoo.co.nz GREENHITHE WALK­ING GROUP: Greenhithe, Tues­day (AM), Mar­jorie Andrew 09-413-9065 HIGHBURY COMMUNITY HOUSE: Highbury, Thurs­day, Fri­day (AM), Judy Mayn 09-480-5279 MAIRANGI WALK­ING NET­WORK: Mairangi Bay, Every­day (AM), Paula Cole 09-444-6435 MEADOWOOD WALK­ING & TALKERS: Al­bany, Tues­day (AM), Carol Buck­ner 09-479-7804 MIL­FORD MALL WALK­ERS: Greenhithe, Tues­day, Thurs­day, (AM), Carol Mosedale 09-443-2054 MIL­FORD MENS PROBUS: Ian Hall 09-479-4259 NORTH SHORE DI­A­BETES SUP­PORT GROUP: Ev­ery sec­ond Sun­day (AM), Dave or Panny 09-476-7447 NORTH SHORE TRAMP­ING CLUB: Katy Johns 09-442-1204, John Lambs 09-410-5211, www.nstc.org.nz NORTH­COTE WALK­ING GROUP: North­cote, al­ter­na­tive Tues­days, Bernie Pringle 09-410-5700 bernie@pringle.co.nz, or Mavis Martin 09-4862574 mavay@xtra.co.nz TOR­BAY WALK­ERS: Tor­bay, Wed­nes­day (AM), Lorna Ste­wart, 09473-8731 WALK­ERS & TALKERS: Camp­bells Bay, Wed­nes­day (AM), Brenda Gray 09-410-4019, Dorothy En­sor 09-478-6702 WOMENS OUT­DOOR PUR­SUITS INC: Tues­day, Thurs­day, Sun­day, Anne Lind­say 09-480-5424, www.wops.co.nz Y’s WALK­ING SUN­DAY GROUP: North­cote, Sun­day (AM), Mal­colm Curtis 09-444-3823 NORDIC WALK­ING GROUPS Aca­cia Cove Nordic Walk­ing Group: Sun­day (AM) Jenny Wills 09267-5416 Bridge the Gap Nordic Walk­ers: Sun­day (AM ), Sheila Mil­bourn/ Mar­garetha Sehn­ert 027-456-2233/021-141-3801 Corn­wall Park Nordic Walk­ing Group: Satur­day (AM), June Steven­son 09-361-6636 or 0274-383-923 Corn­wall Park Nordic Gold (Se­nior Group) Mon­day (AM), June Steven­son 09-361-6636 or 0274-383-923 North Shore Nordic Walk­ers Sun­day (AM), Marie McLisky 09-475-5247 or Judy Hawkins (af­ter 6pm) 027-572-2474 Paku­ranga Nordic Walk­ers: Thurs­day (AM) Dei­dre Nielsen 09-271-3324 YMCA Nordic Walk­ers Thurs­day (AM) June Steven­son 09-361-6636 or 0274-383-923 ROD­NEY ABERDEEN ROAD WALK­ERS: Camp­bells Bay, Satur­days (PM), 09482-1172 10,000 STEPS HAR­BOUR CLUB: Har­bour Sport 09-415-4610 ARIKI WALK­ERS: Snells Beach, Mon­days (AM), Ivan Melville 09425-4999 HEALTH IN AC­TION: (BIA), Susie Ge­orge 09-426-1269 HE­LENSVILLE WALK­ERS: He­lensville, Tues­day (AM), Janet Heron 09-420-8773 HIBIS­CUS COAST Y’S WALK­ERS: Sun­day (AM), Wed­nes­day (AM,PM), Kevin Tiller, 09-426-6461 LEISURE WALK­ERS: Whanga­paraoa, Thurs­day (AM), Pam Jor­dan 021136-6129, pa­jor­dan0452@gmail.com MON­DAY WALK­ERS: Mon­day (AM), Snells Beach, 09-Lyne Melville 09-425-4999 SCOTTS LAND­ING WALK­ING GROUP: RD2, Wark­worth, Sun­day (AM), An­gela McIn­tyre 09-425-5854 SNELLS BEACH WALK­ING GROUP: Wark­worth, Wed­ne­say (AM), Jenny Bur­ton 09-425-5583 WELLS­FORD ROAD RUN­NERS & JOG­GERS: Sec­ond Sun­day (AM), Thurs­day (AM), Robert Scott 09-425-8089 or Heather Rankin 09-431-4692 WOMENS OUT­DOOR PUR­SUITS INC: Tues­day, Thurs­day, Sun­day, Anne 09-480-5424, www.wops.co.nz WAI­HEKE IS­LAND WAI­HEKE IS­LAND WALK­ING GROUP: Satur­day (PM), Shaona Mad­dle, 09-372-6645 COUN­TIES/MANUKAU HOW­ICK TRAMP­ING CLUB: Sun­day (AM), (BIA), Gayle Seph­ton 027-635-4063 PUKEKOHE JOG­GERS & WALK­ING GROUP: Mon­day, Fri­day, Sun­day (AM), 09-238-9820 WAIUKU WALK­ING GROUP: In­for­ma­tion Cen­tre, Mon­day, Wed­nes­day, Fri­day (AM), ONEWHERO KIWISENIORS WALK­ING GROUP: Mer­lene, Walker, 09-232-8844 PAKU­RANGA ATH­LETIC CLUB: Tues­day, Thurs­day 9am (BIA), Linda Mitchell, 09-532-8442 PAKU­RANGA KIWISENIORS WALK­ING GROUP: Mon­day, Wed­nes­day (AM), 09-576-9739 MANUKAU TRAMP­ING CLUB: Ju­dith Walker, 09-296-6977 MAN­GERE BRIDGE WALK­ING GROUP: Tues­day, Thurs­day (AM). Meet at Vil­lage Square MA­NUREWA Y’S WALK­ERS: Re­cre­ation Cen­tre, MON­DAY, WED­NES­DAY, FRI­DAY (AM), 09-267-4646 MA­NUREWA Y’S WALK­ING GROUP: Clen­don Re­cre­ation Cen­tre, Tues­day, Thurs­day (AM), 09-266-1100 MA­NUREWA COS­MOPOLI­TAN CLUB WALK­ERS: Sun­day (AM) HOW­ICK UXBRIDGE WALK­ERS: Mon­day, Thurs­day (AM), 09-535-6467 HOW­ICK Y’S WALK­ERS: Tues­day, Thurs­day (AM), 09-534-5153 PUKEKOHE TRAMP­ING CLUB: Mark Leys 09-294-8927, mleys@ or­con.net.nz TOI TOI TREKKERS TRAMP­ING CLUB: Noel New­some 09-278-4962


FRANK­TON ATH­LETIC & HAR­RIER CLUB: Wed­nes­day, Satur­day, (PM), (BIA), Heather Pur­die-Raill, 07-847-5639 NAWTON WALK­ING GROUP: Rene Smyth, 07846-3245 CEN­TRAL LAKE WALK­ING GROUP: Mon­day, WEd­nes­day Fri­day (AM), Nella Bar­ron 07-846-3103 CHARTWELL WALK­ING GROUP: Mon­day (AM), Car­rie Haak 07-8554281 DINS­DALE WALK­ING GROUP: Mon­day (AM), Val Rus­sell 07-847-6539 ENDERLEY WALK­ING GROUP: Tues­day (AM), Leonie Smith 07-855-2224 HAMIL­TON EAST WALK­ING GROUP: Wed­nes­day (AM), Irene Mil­lar 07-855-6848 HAMIL­TON TRAMP­ING CLUB: Alan Bigham 07-856-4646 HILL­CREST WALK­ING GROUP: Mon­day Wed­nes­day Fri­day (AM), Nell Brad­burn 07-856-3787 ME­MO­RIAL PARK WALK­ING GROUP: Thurs­day (AM), Mau­reen Doms 07-855-2497 NAWTON WALK­ING GROUP: Mon­day Tues­day (AM), Roslynn Bill­man 07-847-4873 SIL­VERDALE WALK­ING GROUP: Sis­ter Anne Marie Jones 07-856-8980 CLAUDELAND WALK­ING GROUP: Fri­day (AM), Irene Mil­lar 07-855-6848 FLAGSTAFF WALK­ING GROUP: Mon­day Wed­nes­day Fri­day (AM), Gil­lian Bar­tram 07-854-0069 WEST­FIELD MALL WALK­ING GROUP: Tues­day (AM) West­field Mall Chartwell HAMIL­TON MARATHON CLINIC:Tues­day (PM), Sun­day (AM), Sharon 07-854-9214 TOD SQUAD: Fri­day (AM), Julie 07-829-4579 Y’s WALK­ERS: Mon­day, Wed­nes­day, Fri­day (AM) MON­DAY BUSHTRAMPERS: Mon­day, Mar­ian 07-828-9029 BREAKAWAYS BUSH WALK­ING & TRAMP­ING CLUB: Diana Am­mann 07-823-6147 WAIKATO TRAMP­ING CLUB: www.wtc.org.nz or Stu Knee­bone 07-827-3097 WAN­DER­ERS TRAMP­ING CLUB: Colin 07-855-1335 CAM­BRIDGE CAM­BRIDGE WALK­ING GROUP: Mon­day, Wed­nes­day (AM), Sharon Wood­ings, 07-827-6033 LEAM­ING­TON WALK­ING GROUP: Wed­nes­day (AM), Sharon Wood­ings, 07-827-6033 KAIHERE/PATETONGA KAIHERE/PATETONGA WALK­ING GROUP: Wed­nes­day (PM), Julie Stephen­son 07-867-7011 MATA­MATA MATA­MATA WALK­ERS: Tues­day, Fri­day (AM), Ruth Stan­ley 07-8809088 MATA­MATA TRAMP­ING & WALK­ING GROUP: Kay Davies 07-888-6978 MOR­RINSVILLE MOR­RINSVILLE WALK­ERS: Wed­nes­day (AM), Ruth Stan­ley 07880-9088 OTORO­HANGA OTORO­HANGA WALK­ING GROUP: Fri­day (AM) PAEROA PAEROA WALK­ING GROUP: Mon­day, Wed­nes­day (AM), Elaine Lally 07-862-8409 PAEROA LUNCH WALK­ERS: Mon­day Wed­nes­day Fri­day, Julie Stephen­son 07-867-7011 PU­TARURU PU­TARURU WALK­ING GROUP:(BIA) Hazel Mur­phy, 07-883-7927 PIOPIO SILVERADOS EX­ER­CISE GROUP: Wed­nes­day (PM), June O’Donoghue, 07-877-8492 RAGLAN RAGLAN RAM­BLERS: Wed­nes­day (AM), John Law­son, john­ragla@ gmail.com TAIRUA TAIRUA WALK­ING GROUP: Tues­day, Thurs­day, Mike Lord, 07-868-6025 THAMES THAMES WALK­ING GROUP: Mon­day, Fri­day (AM), Mike Lord, 07868-6025 TAUPO TAUPO HAR­RIER CLUB WALK­ING SEC­TION: Satur­day (PM), Wed­nes­day (AM), Bernie Rolls 07-378-9229 TAUPO TRAMP­ING CLUB: Wed­nes­day (AM), Thurs­day (AM), Week­ends (AM or PM), Is­abel Hutcheon 07-376-9319 MON­DAY WALK­ERS: Mon­day (AM), (BIA), Betty Stock­man 07-3784992 WAIORA WALK­ING GROUP: Wed­nes­day, Fri­day (AM), Kaye Beat­son 07-378-6957 WED­NES­DAY WALK­ERS: Wed­nes­day (PM), (I), 06-378-9229 TE AROHA TE AROHA WALK­ERS: Thurs­day (AM), Ruth Stan­ley 07-880-9088 TE AROHA TRAMP­ING CLUB: Ev­ery sec­ond Sun­day, Judy Fors­man 07-884-8841 TE AROHA TREKKERS: Wed­nes­day (AM), Frances Har­ri­son 07-862-8184 TE AWA­MUTU TE AWA­MUTU TUES­DAY TRAM­PERS: Tues­day, Lesley 07-870-1973 or Kathy 07-870-2006 TE AWA­MUTU WALK­ING GROUP: Mon­day, Wed­nes­day, Fri­day (AM), Jan Jef­feries 07-889-7032 TE AWA­MUTU MARATHON CLINIC: Wed­nes­day (PM), Sun­day (AM), (BIA), Ross Thomas 07-871-5022 TE KUITI TWI­LIGHT WALK­ING GROUP: Mon­day, (PM), (BIA), Dede Downs, 07-878-7867 TOKO­ROA TOKO­ROA ALPINE CLUB:Mid­week, Chris­tine 07-886-7294


CORO­MAN­DEL CORO­MAN­DEL TOWN WALK­ERS: Tues­day, Thurs­day (AM) 07-8667101or 07-866-8560 KATIKATI KATIKATI TRAMP­ING CLUB: fort­nightly week­ends (AM), Maddy Pyle 07-552-0215 KAWERAU KAWERAU WALK­ERS: Kawerau, Thurs­day (AM), (B), Sport Bay of Plenty, 07-308-8304 HAR­RI­ERS WALK­ERS: Kawerau Thurs­day (PM), (A), Sport Bay of Plenty, 07-308-8304 RO­TORUA CROSS COUN­TRY WALK­ERS: Tues­day, Thurs­day, (AM), (A), 07 348-2538 LAKE CITY ATH­LETIC CLUB WALK­ERS GROUP: Tue­day, Thurs­day (PM), Sun­day (AM), Rob Colledge 07-348-7768, info@lakecity.co.nz, www. lakecity.co.nz GREEN PRE­SCRIP­TION WALK­ING GROUP: TMon­day and Thurs­day (AM), (B), Melissa Gor­don 07-348-4125 HEART SUP­PORT WALK GROUP: Tue­day (AM), Wally Wal­ford 07347-6173 MOKOIA COMMUNITY CEN­TRE WALK­ERS: Wed­nes­day (AM), (B), Melissa Gor­don 07 348 4125 SPRING­FIELD STROLLERS: Wed­nes­day (AM), (BIA), Glenys Sear­ancke 07-348-4243 RO­TORUA TRAMP­ING & SKI CLUB: Sun­days (AM), Trevor Cochrane 07-345-6362 RO­TORUA SO­CIAL NORDIC WALK­ING GROUP: Fridays (AM), Au­drey 07-348-1471 ST BARNABAS WALK­ING GROUP: Fri­day (AM), (BIA), Joy Gor­don 07-357-5744 THE THURS­DAY STROLLERS: Thurs­day (AM), (B), Myrtle Rax­wor­thy 07-346-3772 U3A WALK­ING GROUP: 2nd and 4th Fridays (AM), Ann Sul­li­van 07348-1991 annsul­li­van822@gmail.com WALK­ING WITH JOY: Tues­day (AM), (BI), Joy Gor­don 07-357-5744 TAU­RANGA/MT MAUN­GANUI AGE CON­CERN: Tau­ranga, Wed­nes­day (AM), 07-578-2631 CITY ON ITS FEET: (COIF) (BIA) For days and time phone Sport Bay of Plenty 07-578-0016 STEPPING OUT JOG­GING CLUB: Mon­day, Wed­nes­day, (AM), (IA), 07-544-0316 FOR­EST & BIRD SO­CI­ETY: Sec­re­tary, Tau­ranga. branch @fore­stand­bird. org.nz, Tau­ranga HEALTHY HEART CLUB: Mon­day, Wed­nes­day, Fri­day (AM), (B), YMCA, 07-578-5891 KAIMAI RAM­BLERS TRAMP­ING GROUP: Wed­nes­day, Roger 07544-1622 Y’s WALK­ERS: Mon­day, Wed­nes­day, Fri­day (AM), YMCA, 07-578-5891 MOUNT JOG­GERS & WALK­ERS: Tues­day, Fri­day, Sun­day, info@mtjog­ger­sand­walk­ers.co.nz , www.mtjog­ger­sand­walk­ers.co.nz ARTHRI­TIS FOUN­DA­TION: MON­DAY (AM) 07-576-2469 NORDIC WALK­ING AT THE MOUNT: Mon­day, Wed­nes­day, Satur­day, St­effi 07-574-7527 NORDIC WALK­ING IN TAU­RANGA: Mon­day, Wed­nes­day, Mary 07577-0711 MT MAUN­GANUI RSA WALK­ING CLUB: Tues­day, Thurs­day, Sun­days (AM), (BIA), Kieran Jensen 07-572-0626 50 FOR­WARD WALK­ING GROUPS: Sport Bay of Plenty 07-578-0016 TAU­RANGA MID-WEEK TRAMP­ING GROUP: Pat 07-544-0670 TAU­RANGA ROAD RUN­NERS: Sun­day (AM), Ross 07-576-4852 TAU­RANGA RAM­BLERS: Mal­colm 07-544-2369 or Rod Taylor 07576-4207 TAU­RANGA TRAM­PERS NET­WORK: Natalie Bird 07-576-0016 TAU­RANGA TRAMP­ING CLUB: Chris­tine Rawns­ley 07-578-9984 PAK N BOOTS: Eveie 027-434-7877 and Julie Fox , 021-215-8516 TE PUKE TE PUKE WALK­ERS: Tues­day (AM), 07-573-8306 WAIHI WAIHI STRID­ERS: Wed­nes­day (AM), Julie Stephen­son 07-867-7011 WAIHI STROLLERS: Fri­day (AM), Julie Stephen­son 07-867-7011 WAIHI MON­DAY TRAMP­ING: Mon­day (AM), Marie 07-863-4633 or Barry 07-863-4597 WHAKATANE SUN­SHINE WALK­ING GROUP: Whakatane, Tues­day (AM), (I), Gra­ham Thomas, 07-307-9800 HAR­RI­ERS WALK­ERS WHAKATANE: Satur­day, (PM), (I), Noel Jones, 07-308-7101 NGA-TAPUWAE O-TANEATUA TRAMP­ING CLUB: Whakatane, Ohope, Opi­tiki, Kawerau; John Keene, john.keene@clear.net.nz WHI­TIANGA WHI­TIANGA WALK­ING GROUP: Mon­day, Thurs­day (AM), Mike lord, 07-868-6025 WHANGA­MATA WHANGA­MATA RAM­BLERS: Ron Le Noel, 07-865-9475 WALK WHANGA­MATA: Every­day (AM), from Surf club WHANGA­MATA WALK­ERS: Tues­day (AM), 07-865-8182 WHAGAMATA TRAMP­ING CLUB: 07-865-9110


GIS­BORNE GIS­BORNE RUN­NERS & WALK­ERS: Mar­garet Bad­ger 06-868-4785


HAST­INGS BRID­GET ROBERTSHAWES STU­DIO OF FIT­NESS: Satur­day (AM), (BIA), Brid­get, 06-877-5285 FLAXMERE WALK­ING GROUP: Tues­day, Thurs­day (AM), (BI), Maisy 06-879-7077 HAST­INGS WALK­ING GROUP: Mon­day (AM), (I), Eddy 06-876-3371 HAST­INGS WALK­ING GROUP: Tues­day (PM), (BI), Tem­p­ley 06-873-0971 HAVE­LOCK NORTH WALK­ING GROUP: Mon­day (AM), (BI), Jane 06877-0017 HAVE­LOCK NORTH WALK­ERS: Wed­nes­day (AM), (BI), Jeanette 06877-2114 HAVE­LOCK NORTH WALK­ING GROUP: Thurs­day (AM), Lyn 06-877-7886 KIWI SE­NIORS: Eana Young 06-845-9333 x 708 RUN WALK HAWKES BAY: Wed (PM), Sun­day (AM), Doug Clark 06878-2785, www.run­walkhb.org.nz NAPIER AHURIRI WALK­ING GROUP: Fri­day (AM), (I), Bev­erly Gil­lies 06-8436805 NAPIER WALK­ING GROUP: Thurs­day (AM), (I), Lyn 06-835-7704 NAPIER SOUTH WALK­ING GROUP: Fri­day (AM), (B), Maria Rogers 06-843-1225 RUN WALK HAWKES BAY: Wed (PM), Sun­day (AM), Mike Sheely 06843-7804, www.run­walkhb.org.nz Ys WALK­ERS: Tues­day, Thurs­day, Napier, Kay 06-844-4891 or Dot 06-844-6885 TARADALE/GREEN MEAD­OWS TARADALE/GREEN MEAD­OWS WALK­ING GROUP: Mon­day (AM), (IA), Bev­erly Gil­lies 06-843-6805 TARADALE/SPORT HAWKES BAY WALK­ING GROUP: Tues­day (AM), (BI), Nga Gif­ford-Kara 06-845-9333


IN­DE­PEN­DENT WALK­ERS TARANAKI: Satur­day (PM). North: Ray/Mary 06-756-7798. Cen­tral: Wal­lace/Nan­cye 06-762-2861. South: Alan/ Jean 06-278-6846 NEW PLY­MOUTH CAR­RING­TON WALK­ING GROUP: Mon­day, Wed­nes­day, Fri­day, Cather­ine McKee 06-753-3254 TIME FOR ME WALKS FOR WOMEN: Fri­day (AM), (I), Glenice 06758-3974 FRONT RUN­NER GROUP: Mon­day (PM), (BIA), Kelvin & Michelle Giddy FITZROY WALK­ING GROUP: Mon­day, Wed­nes­day, Fri­day (AM), (IA), Mar­lene 06-758-8749 or Marilyn 06-757-2022 WESTOWN WALK­ING GROUP FOR WOMEN: Mon­day, Wed­nes­day, Fri­day (AM), (IA), Karen 06-751-1361 WED­NES­DAY WALK­ERS: Wed­nes­day (AM), Karen 06-751-1361 WALK­ERS IN THE PARK: Mon­day, (AM), (B), Dawn 06-758-6429 or Dorothy Humphries 06-751-0431 SPOTSWOOD WALK­ING GROUP: Mon­day, Wed­nes­day, Fri­day (AM), (BI), Al­lie Fitzgibbon 06-751-2304 NEW PLY­MOUTH JOG­GERS & WALK­ERS CLUB: Sun­day (AM), Wed­nes­day (PM), www.npjw.co.nz TARANAKI RACE WALK­ING CLUB: Trevor Suthon, 06-758-0776 EGMONT ATH­LET­ICS: Karen Green, 06-758-1569 WAITARA WAITARA WEEKLY HIKOI: Mon­day (PM), Waitara Netball Courts, Ma­rina or Charles Sport Taranaki 06-759-0930 IN­GLE­WOOD IN­GLE­WOOD WALK­ING GROUP: Mon­day (AM), (I), Mau­reen 06756-7255 STRAT­FORD STRAT­FORD RUN­NERS & WALK­ERS CLUB: Satur­day (PM), (BIA), Jill Gor­rie 06-764-5088

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