Walking New Zealand : 2020-05-01

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CONTENTS Issue 268 - 2020 Cover – The Queen Charlotte Track, where you can create memories in your own style and at a budget that suits your wallet. WALKING New Zealand Published Monthly PUBLISHER/EDITOR: Frank Goldingham: Phone 06-358-6863 CONTRIBUTO­RS: JIll Grant, Bob Hodgson, Mark Weatherall, Stephen Day, Judy Eva, Tracey Mackey, and Daniel Haddock ADVERTISIN­G MANAGER: Frank Goldingham 0800 walking (925-546) 027-274-0726 Email: walkingnz@xtra.co.nz COMING EVENTS ADVERTISIN­G: Frank Goldingham 0800-walking (925-546) Email walkingnz@xtra.co.nz SUBSCRIPTI­ONS: Phone 0800-925-546 SUBSCRIPTI­ON RATES: New Zealand Residents; 24 issues $159.00 posted, 12 issues $84.50 posted, 6 issues $51.00 posted DIGITAL $29.00, 12 issues Australia: 12 issues: $122.00 Rest of World: $138.00 NEWSAGENT DISTRIBUTI­ON: Avato Ltd WALKING NEW ZEALAND LTD, P O Box 1922, Palmerston North Telephone 06-358-6863 - Fax 06-358-6864 E-Mail: walkingnz@xtra.co.nz Website: www.walkingnew­zealand.co.nz You can now view and enjoy the latest issue of Walking New Zealand magazine online for $2.50 at http://www.walkingnew­zealand.co.nz 3 www.walkingnew­zealand.co.nz Walking New Zealand, issue no 268 - 2020 The informatio­n and views expressed by contributo­rs are not necessaril­y agreed to by the editor or publisher, and while every effort will be made to ensure accuracy, no responsibi­lity will be taken by the editor or publisher for inaccurate informatio­n. 6 40 14 30

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