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MEAN­ING: (verb tr.) To turn so as to show a dif­fer­ent side. ET­Y­MOL­OGY: From Latin ob­vert­ere (to turn to­ward), from ob- (to­ward) + vert­ere (to turn). Ul­ti­mately from the In­doEuro­pean root wer- (to turn or bend), which is also the source of words such as wring, weird, writhe, worth, re­vert, and uni­verse. Ear­li­est doc­u­mented use: 1583.

US­AGE: “The sun ob­verted its five o’clock face enough to darken the hard­wood shadow of pine and oak along the creek.” — Pa­tri­cia Hick­man; Fallen An­gels; Thorndike; 2004.

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