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Street changes

I to­tally agree with the let­ter by F. Foster about the changes be­ing made to our streets and in­ter­sec­tions. It ap­pears that many of the changes are be­ing made to ac­com­mo­date large num­bers of cy­clists.

I be­lieve the coun­cil is putting the cart be­fore the horse. There are not large num­bers of cy­clists in Wan­ganui, and I have my doubts that there ever will be. In our lovely lit­tle city it is very easy to find a park within a short dis­tance of where you are go­ing. You do not need to re­sort to a bike.

At the mo­ment and into the fore­see­able fu­ture, it is only nec­es­sary to keep the traf­fic flow­ing for cars. If and when we have large num­bers of cy­clists, then changes can be made. Not years be­fore it is nec­es­sary, if ever.

I am a cy­clist, and use our great river tracks on a reg­u­lar ba­sis. And guess what? I rarely en­counter more than a half­dozen other cy­clists in the 20 or so kilo­me­tres on the tracks. So you can­not tell me that we are all of a sud­den go­ing to be in­un­dated with thou­sands, or even hun­dreds of bikes, mov­ing around the city.

Our traf­fic man­ager tells us that round­abouts are not safe for cy­clists. What a load of twad­dle! As a r egu­lar user of round­abouts on my bike, I can tell you that I much pre­fer the flow around these to lin­ing up among the cars at traf­fic lights. KEVIN O’SUL­LI­VAN


Tale not true

A let­ter headed “Weird war tale” was sub­mit­ted by Ted Downes, ( Chron­i­cle May 26) and to re­mind read­ers of its con­tent,

I con­dense it to ex­plain that it pur­ports to have come from a do­mes­tic em­ployed in an “up­per class board­ing school at Pot­ters Bar in Eng­land”, whose proud boast was that it had ed­u­cated Field Mar­shall Mont­gomery.

It also claimed “Monty had such an at­tach­ment” to his school that, after his vic­tory over Field Mar­shall Er­win Rom­mel in the North Africa cam­paign, once Monty came into pos­ses­sion of Rom­mel’s per­sonal car­a­van and sub­se­quently had no fur­ther use for it, he had it de­liv­ered and do­nated to the school, “for all to ad­mire”.

Now to the “weird” bit. Fol­low­ing Rom­mel’s sui­cide in Oc­to­ber 1944, the staff at the col­lege “tell of a day when all hell broke loose in the car­a­van

— the com­mo­tion was such that all rushed out to see what was hap­pen­ing but there was no ex­pla­na­tion”.

Ted con­cluded his “weird war Dear God, Can You please help stop all this bick­er­ing about who can quote the Bi­ble the best through the let­ters of the Chron­i­cle?

Seems like there’s a quote for ev­ery ar­gu­ment.

It’s more than bi­ble-bash­ing now. It’s start­ing to feel like Hell on Earth or per­haps eter­nal damna­tion.

Thank­ing you for your as­sis­tance in this mat­ter. Amen ROBERT JAUNAY


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