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When I need so­lace, an an­swer or com­fort,

I go to mu­sic, books, paint­ings and movies.

I’m head­ing to In­dia.

I just hope that I can still put up with the rigours of travel. Hop­ing to bring back some in­ter­est­ing sig­nage ref­er­ences … as usual. And fin­gers crossed that Pondicherry is as fab as I imag­ine it to be. The in­sight that I never seem able to gain is the one that stops me over-ex­pect­ing. I should have lis­tened to my fa­ther who said, “don’t get your hopes up … and that way you won’t be dis­ap­pointed”. And he wasn’t even Jewish.

The thing in life I haven’t yet done

but would like to is fly into Copenhagen and catch the overnight ferry up to St. Peters­burg. Or go to that Mu­seum of Fakes in China. I love the sound of that.

There’s no­body I need to apol­o­gise to

much these days … since I got too old to get stu­pen­dously drunk at din­ner par­ties.

My GRAND­chil­dren are young adults now!

I can’t think of any­thing I’d change about my par­ent­ing. Jude and I seemed to fum­ble and bluff our way through it quite suc­cess­fully some­how, and you couldn’t ask for a bet­ter posse. Un­con­di­tional love and re­spect seems to be a big part of it. And remembering what it was like to BE a child. Re­ally re­mem­ber. Our kids were al­ways funny … not cute funny, but smart funny. Fun to watch shit movies with … that’s what I re­mem­ber.

The vi­tal el­e­ments for a long-last­ing re­la­tion­ship

... Jude al­ways says she never had a bet­ter of­fer … which makes sense on a deep level. God knows. I guess I got lucky at the get-go. “Com­pro­mise” isn’t a weak­ness ei­ther … Love the one you’re with … and make a bit of an ef­fort.

If I am a colour I am

warm grey. Like the way “white” pho­to­graphs in art mag­a­zines.

Crikey, life is bet­ter nowa­days.

Much bet­ter. I have an enor­mous faith in science. What re­ally con­cerns me is the ex­is­ten­tial gap be­tween the com­monly per­ceived doom-and-gloom view of the world, and the ac­tual, mea­sur­able progress that’s hap­pen­ing. And all the panic about ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence … there is only in­tel­li­gence, whether it be bi­o­log­i­cal or me­chan­i­cal.

If I were of­fered a com­mis­sion to do a fi­nal por­trait of for­mer Prime Min­is­ter John Key,

of course I’d ac­cept. Never voted for him, but a drink and a chat wouldn’t hurt. He ac­tu­ally owns a large ab­stract of mine … or he used to … I’d sit him in front of that.

I’d like my Mum to be able to see how far my art has taken me

… she’d be amazed. She’d be even more amazed to see I still use the grid sys­tem she taught me all those years ago. Guess I’d say, “thanks for the grid… and the genes”.

The word re­tire­ment?

Ha ha … not sure how that’s meant to work. Maybe I should take up paint­ing for a hobby? The ques­tion or is­sue I’ve been try­ing to ra­tio­nalise and can’t is very cur­rent … Ne­tanyahu’s bizarre sense of en­ti­tle­ment … il­le­gal is il­le­gal isn’t it? Or am I miss­ing some­thing?

Am I gen­tler or more ag­gres­sive with age?

A bit of both ac­tu­ally …

2016 was a pretty amaz­ing year for me.

A lot of ex­cite­ment. The launch of our Cook­ing 4 Change cook­book; the suc­cess of the Fred Hol­lows “Frizzell” frames and the Blunt Um­brella Ox­fam cam­paign. And my Hun­dert­wasser fundraiser print edition for the Whangarei Art Gallery … rais­ing heaps of money for the new Hun­dert­wasser build­ing. It was a big year.

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