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1 The Hand­maid’s Tale TV se­ries is based on the book of the same name. Who wrote it?

2 In 1886, John Pem­ber­ton in­vented a sup­posed cure for drug ad­dic­tion, headaches and im­po­tence. What was it?

3 What num­ber is the State High­way run­ning through Water­view tun­nel?

4 How many play­ers are there in a beach vol­ley­ball team?

5 “Bird” was the nick­name of which fa­mous jazz mu­si­cian?

6 Way back in 1851, what was the name of the first yacht to win the event now called the Amer­ica’s Cup?

7 Zaphod Bee­ble­brox is a char­ac­ter in which ra­dio show/novel/comic book?

8 What is the Maori name for the Pleiades?

9 Wheat, rice, bar­ley, rye. Which one is gluten-free?

10 What word links Juli­ette Binoche; You Sexy Thing; Roald Dahl; Mars?

1 Mar­garet At­wood 2 Coca-Cola 3 SH20 4 Just two 5 Char­lie Parker 6 The Amer­ica 7 The Hitch­hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy 8 Matariki 9 Rice 10 Choco­late (starred in Cho­co­lat; song by Hot Choco­late; wrote Char­lie and the Choco­late Fac­tory; choco­late bar). Quiz is on page 3.

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