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1 Machu Pic­chu — “the lost city of the In­cas” — is in which coun­try?

2 West Side Story fea­tures two ri­val street gangs: The Sharks and ... ?

3 Melo­drama is Lorde’s new al­bum. What was the first one called?

4 The Good Fri­day Agree­ment aimed to bring peace to what part of the world?

5 E=mc2 — “the world’s most fa­mous equa­tion” — was the work of which sci­en­tist?

6 In three cities, you can find a land­mark called Cleopa­tra’s Nee­dle: New York, Lon­don and ... ?

7 Who lives at 1313 Web­foot Walk?

8 In tex­ting and on so­cial me­dia, what’s the mean­ing of IIRC?

9 What food could be Barnea, Fran­toio, Koroneiki or Lec­cino?

10 Shawn Carter — the mu­si­cian oth­er­wise known as?

Com­piled by Mark Fryer; an­swers, p. 30

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