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1 What is the Maori name of the bird on the $2 coin? (No look­ing.)

2 Where in your body are the ham­mer, anvil and stir­rup bones?

3 If you’re the Taoiseach, what is your job?

4 What — ac­cord­ing to poet Robert Burns — was the “Great chief­tain o’ the pud­din’-race”?

5 What is a larper?

6 Nosh, schmooze, dreck are words bor­rowed from what lan­guage?

7 In the movie Cast­away, Tom Hanks talks to his com­pan­ion Wil­son — who is what?

8 Which is the big­gest of the eight plan­ets in the so­lar sys­tem?

9 Which 17-year-old was the youngest player to win the Wim­ble­don men’s sin­gles ti­tle?

10 What word links: Reg­gie & Ron­nie; Min­nesota; star sign Gem­ini?

1 The ko­tuku 2 In your ear 3 Prime Min­is­ter of Ire­land 4 The hag­gis 5 Some­one who en­joys live ac­tion role play­ing (LARP) games 6 Yid­dish 7 A vol­ley­ball 8 Jupiter 9 Boris Becker 10 Twins (the Kray twins; Min­nesota Twins base­ball team; Latin for “twins”).

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