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1 As well his fa­mous tower, Gus­tave Eif­fel is fa­mous for build­ing what other in­ter­na­tional land­mark?

2 Janus was a Ro­man god, usu­ally shown as hav­ing two what?

3 Des­pac­ito is the first song to at­tract 3 bil­lion YouTube views. What does the ti­tle mean, in English?

4 Phillip Calvin McGraw — one of the world’s best-paid celebri­ties, ac­cord­ing to Forbes mag­a­zine — is bet­ter known by what name? 5 “Blessed be the fruit” is a com­mon greet­ing among cit­i­zens of what na­tion?

6 The Torre Pen­dente is a tourist hotspot, known to English-speak­ing trav­ellers by what name?

7 Who lives at 742 Ever­green Ter­race?

8 This trop­i­cal na­tion is named af­ter its two main islands: An­tigua and?

9 In what coun­try was the world wide web in­vented?

10 Which league has only eight mem­bers, most of them dat­ing back to the 18th cen­tury?

The Statue of Lib­erty 2 Faces 3 “Slowly” 4 Dr Phil 5 Gilead lo­ca­tion for the TV se­ries The Hand­maid’s Tale) 6 The lean­ing tower of Pisa 7 The Simp­sons 8 Bar­buda 9 Switzer­land, at the CERN re­search in­sti­tute 10 The Ivy League of US uni­ver­si­ties. Quiz is on page 3.

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