Weekend Herald - Canvas - - CONTENTS - Com­piled by Mark Fryer;

1 “Au­to­matic Bind­ing Bricks” were the fore­run­ner of what in­ter­na­tional suc­cess story?

2 In what coun­try is Tim­buktu?

3 Fifty years ago this month, NZ liquor laws were re­laxed. Un­til then, what time did bars have to close?

4 The TV se­ries Zoo Quest was an early suc­cess for which fu­ture star?

5 The new Blade Runner se­quel takes place in the year 2049. In what year was the orig­i­nal set?

6 FBI spe­cial agent Mark Felt was much bet­ter known by what pseu­do­nym?

7 Mid­dle Age Spread, Mar­ket Forces and Last Legs — all plays by which NZ writer?

8 Lom­bard St, sup­pos­edly “the crookedest street in the world”, is in what city?

9 “Weld” — a fic­tional NZ beach­side town — is the set­ting for which TV se­ries?

10 Hy­dro­ther­mal, strom­bo­lian, vul­ca­nian and plinian are types of what?

1 Lego 2 Mali 3 6pm 4 David At­ten­bor­ough 5 2019 6 Deep Throat 7 Roger Hall 8 San Fran­cisco 9 800 Words 10 Vol­canic erup­tion. Quiz is on page 3.

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