5 beauty habits to break – right now

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5 beauty habits to break

YOU APPLY FOUN­DA­TION TO YOUR FORE­HEAD Why it’s not good: Fore­heads flex, which means any­thing other than a very fine cov­er­ing of foun­da­tion can crease and set­tle into lines. How to stop: A lit­tle well-blended foun­da­tion on your fore­head is okay but if you can ac­tu­ally no­tice its tex­ture, it’s too much. Try dab­bing the prod­uct on your cheeks, chin and nose and then spread­ing out to­wards the hair­line. A liq­uid foun­da­tion such as Jane Iredale Liq­uid Min­er­als Foun­da­tion ($95) is easy to use and has the added bonus of hyaluronic acid, vi­ta­min C and coen­zyme Q10.

YOU LIKE A LATE-NIGHT SNACK Why it’s not good: Noc­tur­nal snack­ing could dis­rupt your bi­o­log­i­cal clock and weaken the po­tency of an en­zyme that blocks harm­ful UVs, re­searchers have found, mean­ing your skin is likely to sus­tain more sun dam­age when ex­posed to light the next day. Tests, by sci­en­tists in Texas, have only been done on mice but they have raised the need for more re­search into when we eat and its ef­fects on our cells’ bi­o­log­i­cal clocks. How to stop: If you are one of those who thinks a mid­night snack is one of life’s true plea­sures, never for­get your sunscreen.

YOU SPRITZ FRA­GRANCE OVER YOUR HAIR Why it’s not good: Spray­ing per­fume, which usu­ally con­tains al­co­hol, in a scented cloud over your head is prob­lem­atic: you not only waste the fra­grance but also dry out your hair. How to stop: Re­turn to tra­di­tional ways – dab­bing per­fume onto pulse points. But if you choose your wrist, avoid rub­bing to­gether. You won’t crush the fra­grance mol­e­cules (not pos­si­ble) but the fric­tion can in­crease the in­ter­ac­tion be­tween the scent and your skin’s nat­u­ral oils, dis­tort­ing the scent ever so slightly. If you are in the mar­ket for a new fra­grance, pop into a Mecca Max­ima store and check out the new-to-counter 100 Bon (pro­nounced scent bomb) col­lec­tion. Made in Grasse from all-nat­u­ral in­gre­di­ents, the scents range from spicy to woody, flo­ral to sweet, musk to cit­rus and are priced be­tween $27 and $106.


Why it’s not good: The dead skin cells that a good scrub will re­move can get stuck in the fi­bres of a loofah, re­sult­ing in a build-up of bac­te­ria. A face­cloth can be the same.

How to stop: If your loofah is made from plas­tic or syn­thetic mesh, stick it in the wash­ing ma­chine after us­ing. Clean nat­u­ral loofahs in a bak­ing soda/wa­ter so­lu­tion ev­ery day and al­low to dry thor­oughly.

YOU RELY ON THE SUNSCREEN IN YOUR FOUN­DA­TION Why it’s not good: You need a thick-ish cov­er­ing of sunscreen to get good SPF pro­tec­tion. And a thick-ish cov­er­ing of foun­da­tion is never a good look. How to stop: Wear broad-spec­trum 30-plus ev­ery day un­der your foun­da­tion, BB cream or tinted mois­turiser. Apply it gen­er­ously and wait for it to ab­sorb be­fore ap­ply­ing makeup. Coola’s White Tea Clas­sic Sunscreen ($55) is a top-seller and, un­less your skin is par­tic­u­larly parched, you won’t need ad­di­tional mois­turiser. Tracey Strange

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