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1 Hand­fuls of salt are thrown on the ground be­fore what sport­ing con­test? 2 The tala is the cur­rency of what coun­try? 3 “Bean­town” is a nick­name for which US city? 4 What was $15.75 but be­came $16.50 from the start of this month? 5 Who is the cur­rent Earl of Ch­ester, Duke of Corn­wall, Duke of Rothe­say, Earl of Car­rick, Baron of Ren­frew, Lord of the Isles and Prince and Great Stew­ard of Scot­land? 6 What so­cial net­work was ini­tially open only to stu­dents at Har­vard Col­lege? 7 What is the name of the big­gest is­land in the state of Hawaii? 8 Where in the world can you see a tower with a strong re­sem­blance to Auck­land’s Sky Tower (not sur­pris­ing, as it had the same de­sign­ers)? 9 If you have them – and not ev­ery­one does – where are your Dar­win’s tu­ber­cles? 10 What links: Cap­tain Jack Aubrey’s uni­form; two of Martin Crowe’s cricket bats; Max­imus’ sword?; a leather jock­strap?

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