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1 Which per­former was once known by the acro­nym TAFKAP?

2 On Oc­to­ber 21, 1958, Christchurch com­pany Marathon Rub­ber Footwear pro­duced the first what?

3 In what sport do com­peti­tors vie to win the “five mon­u­ments”?

4 In 1981, Anne Barry be­came New Zealand’s first fe­male what?

5 Who had seven sons, all called Trevor?

6 In 1976, what newly dis­cov­ered disease was named af­ter a river in Zaire (as it was then)?

7 In­vented in the 1930s, “Lexiko” was the an­ces­tor of what pop­u­lar board game?

8 The blow­stick, drones and chanter are parts of what mu­si­cal in­stru­ment?

9 Which mu­si­cal was based on a book by poet T.S. Eliot?

10 What links: Lu­cille; Trig­ger; Blackie; Red Spe­cial?

An­swers be­low.

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